Playing it cool

Teluk Cempedak – one of the beautiful beaches on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia (there are a plenty more on the shore lines of Pahang and Terengganu).

Get Away

Its good to take a break from a routine and hectic lifestyle, once in a while. Ramadhan and Syawal has both been a busy period for me this year. Hubby and I planned for a get away recently, and a get away it was. Besides, the bustle of activities both in Ramadhan and Syawal, I must say, whatever which appeared on the printed and aired headlines here in Malaysia have been one of the causes why this head is getting clouded and fed-up. I may not need to break it down here as I assume most of us Malaysians of the right mind knows what I am talking about.



Every rock tells a story. And I am about to climb up one. haha…


Circus of events

The events (and headlines) spanning from the weeks counting down to Merdeka day, to Malaysia Day had been some sort of a circus, where everything is dressed up, and rehearsed up for the audiences’ view.  TV3, Berita Harian, Utusan.. same ole, same ole.. It just turns off the Merdeka mood off. No, seriously. What has this country become? Yes, we excel infra-structurally.  But what goes on beyond that? Are we really independent and successful? What are the factors counted in besides being freed from the British 55 years ago, and of course, being ‘where’ we are today –> which is in the eyes of the world? Being in the eyes and appraisal list of the world, let’s do applaud ourselves. We may not be aware, how we contribute to the nation’s state, but we do, directly or indirectly contribute in our small and micro ways. Be it in business, health, sports, education, etc..  Writing for instance, keeps one self thinking, the same way reading is associated with the flourishing and activation of millions of neurons. The more we read, the more knowledge we gain. The more knowledge we gain, the more we reason and are able to associate things happening in our lives.

1957 Malaysia Independence
To this in 2012. The Jalur Gemilang is an innocent victim.


Politics-association-with-EVERYthing else-Syndrome (PAWES)

I don’t want to start picking on recent issues, but really, I am sad of everything ‘staged’, dramatized and at times exaggerated just because the GE is coming up soon. I PERSONALLY think that Hari Merdeka (Independence Day) and Hari Malaysia (Malaysia Day) SHOULD be devoid association with anything political; whether you are with or against the ruling government. The same way Olympics should be dealt with utmost respect by leaving sports to just…sports ! The way I see things, we FAIL to take example of already DEVELOPED nations, on the mannerism and ethics when dealing with celebrating independence day, planning of sports development, fair election etc.. while no 1 developed nation, that should not hinder us from observing, and even learning from those countries who have made it. We FAIL to take a good, long and hard look at ourselves.. we don’t mirror ourselves for self-improvement. Instead, fingers are always pointed outwards — citing the ‘blame’ on somebody else. Others’ lacking and faults are put forward, while our own are brushed aside or vacuumed to thin air. What’s so great about this? Nothing!

I am not a politician. I am not a leader of any association/governing bodies. I am just a civilian speaking my heart and mind out. And oh, THIS i have to point out –> the recent ‘guidelines’ of the MOE on how to identify LGBTs. As a Muslim, I do have my own stand just like any of you do, be it with or against. I know sensitive issues if not dealt with utmost care and respect, can cause chaos and disharmony. Even among friends. Then again, we still need to respect each other. What I’ve learned is that while we may hate an act/behaviour, we should not hate the person committing the act/behaviour personally. Say you have a kid, or even a friend who pisses you off every day — you may dislike the behaviour/habit, but don’t hate the person. No one person is perfect, and hey, if you can deal helping correct the person, go ahead. If you’re a Muslim, use the value which you’ve learned and practised in your religion for this purpose. The same way if you’re a Buddhist or Christian, I am sure all religions teach their followers to do good instead of bad. To approach the good, and distance anything evil.

In the limelight again

BAck to the MOE+LGBT issue, ‘we’, innocent Malaysians, are again thrown to the forefront for the wrong reasons. Any statements which comes within our land is considered ‘Malaysian’. Its just so shallow to be listing ‘guidelines’ on how to ‘identify’ LGBTs. While MOE may have their own reasons of why they’re having the guidelines at the first place, to me, this is not manner to handle such sensitive issue. In the end, we’re rained with mockery and insults from other countries. Saw somewhere in FB an America talk-show reviewing MOEs statement. What can be more shameful than that. This is what happens when actions are taken ‘blindly’, without intense study and analysis before any summary is done. Hence, again.. Value and knowledge should be the 2 guiding lights whenever we say or do anything.


I rather it stay this way for generations to come.. it’s more than just a flag..its a symbol of unity no matter how different we are.

Still a proud Malaysian deep inside

This post is going all over the place now, and I think I better stop now.. Despite trying to stay in the background with all this chaos going on, things still linger in this mind. I sympathise this nation, in a way, though mostly I am proud of it, and of course, proud to be a Malaysian. How did I spend my Merdeka on 31 August? I was trail walking/hiking at Gunung Nuang with a couple of friends. Yes, feels very free and liberated over there in the middle of the green lungs in Hulu Langat. Encounter with a baby wild-boar brought me to my knees alright ! Apparently baby boar was as panic as my group when we bumped into each other ! Thank God nothing happened. I didn’t even see it though my 2 friends did. LOL.. anyways, keep your mind, heart, body and most importantly, your SOUL healthy all the time. Hatred and negativity towards others actually reflects your own self rather than the person that you’re hating/being negative about. Take time to reflect your own self ever you’re unhappy or sad. Knowledge ; there’s nothing wrong (even more encouraged) to go back and refer to the roots of your values; your faith. Did you miss anything? or did you miss a lot of things in the advance of achieving that happy and balanced life. Take it as your own mission to take charge of yourself. If there’s one person who can make you a happy and successful person herein and hereafter, its you. God Bless.

Bumped into this group on my Merdeka Day outing at Gunung Nuang, Hulu Langat. I forgot the lady’s name, but she said I look familiar ! She was in Nuang with her 2 kids, AND her kids’ school friends ! Cool !


Owh, who’s that ?!


Nothing more refreshing than getting back to nature with friends !

just me; missjewelz


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