Buat baik dibalas baik

Dah seminggu +1hari umat Islam berpuasa. Alhamdulillah, for me its looking good so far. Nasib baik cuaca tak sepanas bulan lepas though it gets, somehow, quite sunny after 5pm. Today hubby and I decided to have ayam penyet today after after 5 days eating in. (First 3 days berbuka relatives’ house — which can be very tiring when done back to back, 3 nights in a row.


Made reservation at the restaurant and placed our orders. We came back just in time for Iftar (dah start Azan) only to find our table taken ! Quickly got the waitress to sort it out as we did book the table.. tapi, ada pulak orang lain dah duduk.. Restaurant manager started to look busy, and tried to get another table for the already sitted couple with 2 kids. While that was going on, my husband said to me its okay to let go the table, who knows the next time around we will be in their situation with 2 kids already sitted. Satu hal pulak nak pindah meja.. Well,*no biggie.  We went ahead to share a table with another group. The couple wanted to  get up but we said it’s okay.. We’ll take the other table.


Food arrived (we pre-ordered remember..). Enjoyable alhamdulillah. I made sure a finished the bowl of vegetable soup after a plate of nasi ayam penyet. Yeah, lacking of greens + fruits… ! Had my glass of ‘limau suam panas’. By the way, if you have not tried ayam pemyet, give it a try. Ayam penyet is a rice dish (served either with chicken, beef, or fish) is originally from Indonesia. My favourite (in KL) is the Wong Solo Ayam Penyet, and Waroeng Ayam Penyet (there’s 1 at The Curve). Done penyetin’ my husband headed for the cashier (quite a Q ..!). That was when the waitress who attended to us told me that the gentleman (the couple just now) has paid for our food. I was like…’what?? all of the food? ‘ [order banyak tuh… ayam penyet setx2, teh o limau suam x3, limau suamx1, sup sayur/ayam x1..nasi tambah 1..].. And she said yup, the guy has paid for us.. Waved my husband to come back to the table and told him the rezeki we got today. May Allah Bless you brother whoever you are. *guy must have felt guilty*. Didn’t see that coming. Alhamdulillah, and thank you again ! 🙂 Budi baik dibalas baik *and quite a quick one too !*


Moral of the story : jangan tunggu nak buat baik. meringankan beban orang lain instantly itu sudah cukup baik. remember, charity begins at home. if laki, atau bini penat, tolong menolong la.. if kakak tea lady kat ofis tak sempat nak masak air, apa salahnye tolong fill up the kettle, and boil the water. We do not know bila hari, bila masa we need help instantly though in the case of buka puasa ni, memang tak tersangka pulak. Nak treat suami tersayang, pastu, orang lain pulak yg treat both of us. Memang rezeki.

Next story.. this would be..my last week, and Sunday blogging as a 20 something year old woman ! Next Sunday missjewelz is already three zero !!! Excited much !  Yup.. tak tua lagi..cuma berusaha dan berdoa dijadikan seorang yang lebih matang dari segi pemikiran, percakapan dan tingkah laku, but of course, just through being myself and not somebody else different. 30 – that’s just the beginning to many many more wonderful and beautiful years to come. Time passes by and I am suppose to take in life and learn from it, both the easy and hard way.

Apa-apa pun, it will still be me posting next week insyaAllah. Selamat meneruskan ibadah puasa.


missjewelz,9 (left) with her tuition teacher, Cikgu Faridah.


Love, peace and harmony;


2345HRS. 29072012.KUALA LUMPUR.


p.s. buat jahat mintak jauh… memang susah.. tapi jangan putus asa. vokkayhh?


3 thoughts on “Buat baik dibalas baik

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      1. iya miss jewel
        wah keren namanya “putri permata” kalau indonesianya….

        maklum kl nanti ada sedikit perbedaan satu-dua kata…
        tapi kan sama-sama melayu heheeee

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