‘The Voice’

Apparently a 3rd voice repeated after my colleague who called another colleague’s name yesterday (Sunday) .[ It was just the 2 of them in the office to finish off some work…. ].

I asked my colleague was there a gender to the voice, and how loud was it.. She said it was a deep, woman’s voice (dan mengilai..), as loud as her voice when she called our colleague’s name.. and.. this isn’t the first time ‘the voice’ was heard..it happened at our department a few times (voice/ paper flicking/ door locking noise). Perhaps this is something normal for a building built more than nearly 30 years ago.. (construction for the building started in 1979 and completed building in 1985) — Quite a modern building for that time ! 21 floors, complete with gold dust plated glass on the exterior.

Further ‘discussions’ with other colleagues lead me to understand that there’s one corner of the whole floor which ‘voice’ or ‘sound’ would normally come from. Including the ‘paper flicking’ noise that a staff heard when she was staying back. She was sitting at her desk finishing off some work when she started to hear the noise. She stood up and walked towards the source only to find it getting louder and louder. She turned back to her desk, packed her belongings, and left.

Broad fluorescent lighting was not a pre-requisite for those voices and sounds not to be around. A quick chat with the building management revealed that the building site was formerly an ice-factory. An ice factory in the middle of town ? Well, perhaps 30-50 years back this part of KL was a small town, just like how Bukit Bintang was the edge of KL instead of being central; and hence why the Pudu Prison was there.

Interesting ..Perhaps I should keep a log to all these. (here..).

Moral of the story: mulut kena jaga, Iman mau kuat. jgn tinggal solat..and, finish up your work during working/office hours ! 


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  1. Hey there,

    Chanced upon your blog after some typing in a search for ghost stories in Malaysia. Am curious to know which building is this that you’re working in and if you could tell me exactly what you’ve experienced? Am currently doing some research for a new Nat Geo series and want to hear some real accounts. Would love to know if you have any suggestions for haunted/abandoned buildings in Malaysia as well. Feel free to write to me anytime.


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