Teluk Cempedak (TC) Run is Back !

Hi everybody. 🙂 How is it so far this week? 🙂 Your bosses breathing down your neck already ? Or are you struggling with that presentation you were suppose to finish last week? And how was your weekend ? 🙂 Good? Mine was okay *two thumbs up*. Managed to force this lazy butt to do some house cleaning, a 1/2 hour slow run on Saturday [thanks to mr hubby for the company] and another 1 hour ++ with friends on Sunday morning. Nizz + Najwa, you ladies rock ! I bumped into an old friend, Tan Wah Sing, after the run (We used to run together with the Kuantan Pacesetters way back in 2005). Wah Sing was the Kuantan group leader then, together with another friend, William. Anyways, Wah Sing passed me the TC Run Form, asking me to have friends ‘beramai-ramai menyertai’ the run. LOLz ..that’s what exactly I will be doing in the next paragraph.

 And kindly refer to the image below for the manual registration form or click here to download : And hey..looky looky.. look what I found in the treasure chest of my blog ..some old fotos from Kuantan Beach Run 2008 !

Kuantan Pacesetters Crystal, and , ehem, 1 & only missJeweLz after the 16km Kuantan Beach Run 2008
Crystal, myself and William Chin (Kuantan Pacesetters group leader/committee for this year TC Run !)
Ms Soh (in red) 🙂 my good friend.! *check out my ancient Phiten & Nokia..* LOLz
10th placing if i can recall accurately. 🙂

Will include in my next few posts some tips for beach running, as well as my experience running and racing on beached ! 🙂 Sounds fun right ?! If you have not tried TC run, make sure you register today ! Kindly note that their early bird period has been extended until 30th June. Got this update from their committee member, Mr William Chin.  My Kuantan Pacesetters friends merry and friendly folks. Certainly miss their company. Can’t wait to see them again soon ! 

Hello Teluk Cempedak !!! *photo taken 2 years ago at 1 of my favourite rocks in TC. The other favourite is on the far end..if you can see !



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