Guten Tag, Bon Jour !

Guten tag and bon jour from Europe ! Been a while since my last post ! missjewelz have been away for almost 2 weeks now from Bolehland. Treating myself and hubby a vaca to Europe 🙂 I did not try hard to update the blog during my holiday as I wanted to make the most of it. Have not been travelling much since after school days. Anyways, will catch up with once I come back !  Hope all is good for everybody in Bolehland and those following this blog from else where.  🙂 Ciao ! Wait for my next update !!!!! 🙂 Sincerely, missjewelz. 

Cycling fun in spring ! Even got a tan line on the feet !!

p.s. : writing this from the comfort of my hotel room. will be heading for the airport soon + head back to B-land. heeheee…


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  1. Oh! these were the rental bikes I saw lots of in Paris and Amsterdam. Euro 6 but it’s free for the first 30 mins.

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