Breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning

A friend invited me to join her for a run this morning.. Run starts at 7.00am, but missjewelz only got 7.00am, so I asked her to proceed (she’s got company to be safe !). And here I am having breakfast, and appreciating every bite and chew.. while blogging !

2 oranges, a kiwi, a bow of cereal with milk, and a glass of water (not in picture)

Check out the photo.. Looks like a regular breakfast. Doable on weekends, but gets tricky during working weekdays. If there’s no bakery or supermarket near your office, you can be stuck with the nasi lemak every morning 4-5 times a week.

This is not something strange to me and I certainly know what it feels like not being able to get the food(and nutrients) you want, just because your fast and available choices are limited to only nasi lemak, nasi kerabu and roti canai. But what I did was pack sandwich/bread from home ! Throw in the lettuce, tomato and cheese, and walla, good to go (on my rajin days of course). Or else, bread would do just fine. Or the other way to do it, is to leave a pack of bread in the pantry’s refrigerator, at work. Choices of spread to go with the bread? Peanut butter or Nutella ! Any reasons..? Yup, I dont have to store them in the refrigerator, and I dont have to worry of the butter greasiness.. Preparing breakfast at work means anything fast, and simple,not forgetting nutritious, and of course, ensuring it doesnt appear like you are treating the pantry like your own kitchen !

My preferred breakfast choices :-

– cereal with low fat,high calcium milk, chilled

– 2 oranges

– kiwi fruit

– wheat bread with peanut butter

– Milo/hot chocolate

– plain water

– 3-1 oat (from Nestle or Quakers)

Occasionally there’s no harm indulging in the local breakfast, i.e. Nasi lemak, roti canai. Sedap pon sedap, filling pon filling. You see, not everybody has the luxury of time to think what nice and healthy breakfast they should be having. Again, that ties back to our awareness of health and well being. Socio-economic is another factor too, lets not forget that. People pay to have healthy breakfasts. The alternative to this, to actually know your food intake and its nutrition so that whatever goes into your stomach are not merely calories but also filled with vitamins and micronutrients which helps your body functions better.

If you think you are an all out health freak and is ready to jump on the campaign bandwagon and invite (especially your classmates/colleagues) to eat more healthily, you might wanna pause for a second. It is not as straight forward as you think. Not everybody will receive you openly or equally. Not the same approach applies to everybody. Try to customize your approach so that it appears fair to them, honest and affordable !! It is hard to convince people.. especially if they don’t care of their health.. or take their health for granted, even if they have been warned by their doctors to start losing weight.. These people DO need help. Help them if  you can, but do it gently. You have the tendency to turn them off if they don’t like your approach.

P.s. Try to have your breakfast early in the morning.[if you haven’t] Your body absorbs the nutrients more readily.

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