Public commuting, ethics and such-Part 1

Hello there dear weekenders ! A few hours left before the Monday rush and rat race officially begins for those of you labouring your might and all for the sake of a better living. On the train, on the buses, cars, old and new, motor bikes, kapcais and super ones, all in congegration of the 5x weekly pilgrimage to the hearts of the cities..

In any mode of transportation taken, there will be passengers who goes with the traffic flow in reaching his/her destination, while some try their level best to beat the traffic.. Zigzagging through the lanes thanks to their motor-spatial ability and techniques, with a sprinkle of impatience. The havoc is not isolated to the highways and roads only.

The train commuters are engaged in their own struggle as well. Struggle to squeeze into,through and beyond that pack of sardine glued together, united, everytime the train door slides open. The commuters inside the train won’t bother to nudge one space in though they know their virtuous step (or steps) can make another 1-2 lives happier that morning.. But no.. Not an inch..

I have had my share of experience commuting via the train..previously and more known as STAR, Putra and Komuter.. Observing how people behave whenever they board and exit the train is very interesting.. (to be continued)

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