Some Jumbled-UPdates

Greetings there ! Apologies if you have actually been waiting for a blog post from missjewelz. Worry not she is still around, alive and kickin’ like a happy horse ! yeeehaaa.. I have been extremely tied up with work I have to tell myself to shut off a little bit just to ensure I do at least have a me time once a week. I am planning to sleep, but subconsciously reaching out for this laptop eager to update this blog..!

sunset silhouette, Kuantan

For starters, January and February was FULL of holidays and long weekends. Yeah, weekends that were gone too soon, and…which leaves us working Malaysians with no more long weekends till I don’t know when. Especially now that I am in the actual working force it makes me appreciate time more. Every second counts and I don’t need to *ehem* wait to tell myself ”Julie, could you please stop procrastinating”.

Sabah Adventure Challenge 2011 - water stop at a village somewhere in the backyard of Tambunan ! p.s. tell me you like my race number !!

Well, for the REAL update : — >> missjewelz received a sponsorship offer to participate in the SF Ultra Marathon. Yeap, THE 200km ultra marathon you endurance lovers would love to participate. This will be the first time the Sabah Adventure Challenge organizers are having this distance and I was very very humbled to be honoured such offer. Just soo sweet to take up the offer and challenge..but I had to halt my selfishness coz I ain’t living for myself any more. Any decisions taken, big or small, have to be dealt with care. Of course I will be continuing doing sports. Not that it is in my blood or anything. Just that I would like to time things as just as possible. I have to admit, I have had the time of my life taking part in the runs, duathlons, triathlons, adventure races and ultramarathons. Boy, this girl did have a good time. So good I won’t exchange the experience, honour and privilege with anything else.

Seriously, it does not take me 10 marathons, or even a sub 40mins 10km to say that I really enjoy what I do. This is because every moment of it, training and competing in sports, meeting with new friends and learning how people are very different though pursuing the same interest, has really taught me a lot. No podium finish or cash prize? Fine with me. That isn’t what I am looking for at the first place any ways. I see sports participation as a healthy and all round activity, when done correctly and not excessively, will bring you the returns that money can’t buy.

Believe me, the most clueless part during my maiden (and only — so far) Ironman was at the finish line… I sprinted to the finish line (God knows where did all sudden surge of adrenaline came from.), crossed the finishing tape.. I remember I was standing there smiling to the camera flashes then asking myself ..’Now what..?!’ So I have replied to Aman, the organizer of the SF Ultramarathon that I have to decline the offer though I will be up to it if it comes again. God wills. But missjewelz has got other priorities lining up at the moment.

Soon she discovered it was the journey that she was after.. Same applies in life... things are meaningful as you put in small achievable goals which you can celebrate every time you take a step closer and closer to it.

Sports issues and life priorities aside, I have been catching up with a somethings which I haven’t been doing the past year or so ; catching with my all time favourite hobby : reading !!! I realized I become more and more empty when I take off any form of reading from myself. Reading updates and updating your social networks don’t count, in fact, I have been spending less and less time on them. A good sign in a way.. So, more reading nowadays.. be it fictions or self-help books. I don’t have to be shy to admit that I dig self-helps though I won’t read 2 self-helps back to back. Gotta balance em up. Old friends : had a lovely catch up lunch with a couple of old friends whom I got to know when I first started participating in triathlons 🙂 Vivian, Eric, Jay Ren and Way Ren, if you guys are reading this, again, Thanks for the time, kindness and thought. I did have a jolly good time with both of you together with the 2 boys 🙂

Eric, Vivian with their 2 kids, and missjewelz 🙂

ASIAN CYCLING CHAMPIONSHIP : Despite the hectic load received during work, I manage to watch the Asian Cycling Championship in Putrajaya (paralympic) and also the track event at the Velodrom in Cheras. It was hot, but definitely worth watching. To Azizulhasni Awang, Josiah Ng and Fatehah Mustapha, congratulations on the wins. Wishing you guys the best at the World Track Championship in London. 😛 May the force be with all of you. To the Malaysian road cyclist taking part in ACC, best wishes to you guys as well. Ride safe, fast and furios, as always. A couple of medals to bag home will be sweet as well.

With Malaysian para cyclists taking part in the Asian Cycling Championship 2011 in Putrajaya
IM Rahman turned full time cyclist with the national paracycling team. Rahman rides in the tandem category with his partner who is a blind rider (didn't get this partners name). Rahman who is also attached with the Royal Malaysian Navy has achieved a respectable achievement at Ironman Langkawi 2009 clocking an astounding 10hrs 41mins for the 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42km triathlon event !

It is a pleasure to have your scanning eyes reading these lines (after lines). I really do appreciate your time. And hey, if you do have any feedback to my blog posts, feel free to leave a comment in the comment box.It will make my blogging more meaningful. To En.Hazman, who shouted my name as he was completing his morning run (while I just stepped out from a mamak after breakfast), and again bumping into each other in Bukit Aman, thanks for saying Hello! and identifying yourself as a reader of this blog and more importantly a keen and aspiring ultramarathoner. Welcome to the club. Train safe and smart ! All the best ya !!

It doesn't take a lot of colours, strokes, dabs and even techniques to appreciate this life that you have.. not that many colours. It is, again, about appreciating and making the best with the little that you have.

Me thinks me done with the blabbering.. got to get some rest and sleep for meself 🙂 And to all you folks in the +8 time zone, go to sleep please 🙂 Selamat Malam folks. and RIP to you Whitney.


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  1. I had to let that SF offer go to…can’t get 5 days off work. 😦

    Keep blogging Julie. Writing and Reading is two other passion we both share similiarly apart from SBR…and food! 😀

  2. It has always been a pleasure reading your blog. As yr friend said, reading n writing goes hand in hand. Do continue with your postings. Happy reading n do also continue to find time to run at your leisure to stay healthy.

    1. Cool 🙂 Yeah I was there snapping some fotos. Hot hot day out !



      Now it is established in the sciences that no knowledge is acquired save through the study of its causes and beginnings, if it has had causes and beginnings; nor completed except by knowledge of its accidents and accompanying essentials.

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