Gong Xi Fa Cai

missJewelz wishes all her Chinese friends, readers and fellow bloggers a very happy, prosperous and ‘ong’


Gong Xi Fa Cai

May the ushering  of the Year of Water Dragon gives all of you (and us !!) a better perspective to our lives and positive vibe in our everyday undertakings. May important decisions be made not in vain but with patience and wisdom. 🙂 Mean time, let’s continue to foster and strength relationships and friendships.

God Bless 🙂

CNY 2012 with 2 former LeTua riders at current tandem rider Razif Salleh a.k.a. Panjang and Malaysia/Azad University cyclist, Ng Yong Li. Yong Li will compete in his maiden tour with his new team at LTdL 2012.
Chinese New Year 2011 with Yong Li and family. I guess that t-shirt Yong Li is wearing, is 1 of his favourite t-shirts la.. hihi..
Raya 2010 : Another celebration :p With the oldsters.
Deepavali 2009 : With my schoolmate Geeta who recently got married. Congratulations dear !

missJewelz feels very lucky (yes, lucky is an understatement). She’ll sentence that again. missJeweLz is very privileged to be a Malaysian. MALAYSIA is a multi-racial and ethnicity country which holds a rich history, cultures, treasures it takes some historically and politically correct understanding of how and why we have been able to stand as a nation. It is in our very dear value and principle that we keep together no matter how harsh and testing the time and situation can be against us. If you think you have benefited as a citizen, you’ll find it effortless at most times (if not flawless) when communicating, relating and associating yourself of those different from you in terms of culture and religion. As a Malaysian, culture and religion fits and complements us on a wider scale, where it plays a role as something that binds and adheres us to each other. Not apart, just closer and stronger. This she finds it so apparent and embedded in her core values that she finds there’s no exact apparent need to associate any sort of numerical form in front of her country’s name for whatever purpose it maybe. How does 1Chinese, 1Hindu, 1Islam, or 1Malay.. err..or 1Blogger sound? Not too correct. Nevertheless,  missJeweLz is a Malaysian through and through. 🙂

Makan-makan lagi with the oldsters



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