There’s something about Julie

I woke up at 5.39am today. Half wondering where’s that tea-essence facial
I applied last night gone. It must half slipped off. I have been sleeping quite soundly. Its the only get away,apparently, which is free, refreshing and available without any reservations or deposit. Most of the time when I wake up, the first thing that I try to do is say a prayer to thank God for getting up from my deep slumber into another day of living. It is simply one of the ways to remind myself that my soul isn’t solely mine though I do have the right to utilize and make the best of it through my able body and mind.<

The second thing I realized upon waking up, is me reaching my Viao laptop. I HAVE been trying to update this favourite blog of mine but time kept slipping away from me nearly everyday. For the past couple of months. I tried to write in the morning, yesterday, and again in the evening, and before I slept. If there's a will, there's definitely a way I can figure out. I lost my favourite phone 4 days ago. Never in my life I've lost this communication turned life gadget. I messed up the internet setting for the laptop, and wasnt able to get a broadband service in time. Lucky me, there's a backphone. Haha.. So here I am on my old HD7. Staring at this screen while lying down, hands together holding the phone while my right and left thumbs receive directions what to key in and relay to all missjewelz.wordpress readers.

Okay! On to the meat of this post. I have a good tiding to share on this merry, blessed and joyful Saturday πŸ™‚ I am getting married today. Yyyeapp. Life takes us through leaps and bounds. But this one !! But this one is another kind of leap routine. A distance stretched and a dose of faith to fuel me through. And walla here I am. It'll take me a lot of faith, strength and determination to take me through this novel phase and journey.

I'll definitely not take it as another race, though I will pass thay start line. There's no timing chip. My faith will replace my Polar heart rate monitor to check that I am okay to go , in the zone. There are no other competitors except for myself and this is certainly not about a medal, prizes or even scoring a PB. πŸ™‚

Talking about PBs, I ran the MultiPurpose run last weekend. Haha.. No preparation as I was just lacking it on the time sheet. But I ran just for mileage, 'some' training and just finish my last 12km stroll as a bacheloress/rette. A stroll it was through Bukit Tunku. 57mins for the first 10 clicks, and 1hr 7mins ish in total. Hey, legs are still there !! I took some fotos with friends, and new friends I met (Annitha and cancer survivor Masha Macey[truly sorry if i got ur names wrong]. Took some photos which can't be retrieved anymore since I lost my phone( and all my contacts !!). Some of my friends congratulated me on the good news. πŸ™‚ Oh ya, I know there's a run tomorrow morning. I initially wanted to register as a volunteer only to realize that I will be getting married that weekend.

I am another blessed soul half of the time not realizing it. I have to splash cold water on myself and wake up to the real world, and live it more meaningfully and responsibly. Half of the time dreaming. I was lost in transition the past 2 months preparing for this auspicious occasion. And of course, juggling it with work.

But I'll simply and happily be me. I suck at being or acting something that I am not. I realize I dont have to pretend to be somebody else to be a responsible and useful person. I'll just be Julie. Julie who is learning more and more of herself everyday. Unique on my own right, and happy to be blogging away before I hitch on my next ride in a couple of hours. Will catch ya in future races and events, insyaAllah. To all friends who greeted happy wishes for the new journey that I will be embarking on, syukran jazilan, Thank You from the bottom of my cardiac muscles. πŸ™‚ have a beautiful weekend y'all ! Salam.

Juliana Ali @ missJeweLz

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