Balls and Wheels


El Team !


Took part in my first ever futsal tourney 2 weeks ago for my department. Despite making it through the finals and eventually coming up 2nd for the Ladies category, my futsal skill is terrible if none ! Hahaa. Seriously, I may kick balls during tri events, but I know nuts when it comes to errr, kicking, receiving and passing a small futsal ball. Haha.. But my team (whom most are also new to futsal like me) have agreed that we will be playing for fun. And fun did we have ! I fell twice during practice, thanks to the slipper far end of Court 2 at the Ampang Sports Center. Other than that, all was perfect and practically tiring. I even got myself a pair of futsal shoes/boots.

Man, I need my fitness back *working on it..*. My heart rate just flew chasing after the ball, tapi tuh la.. dapat je, passing skill tarak..


El Pink Mercurial by Nike.
Khusyu' berdiskusi..haha..One with the tiang gol


And yes…finally, dapat jugak cycle after ages !!!! Made a short tour around Hulu Langat last Saturday. It was fun. Itu pon after dapat semangat after having dreamt that I had an ugly muffin top spilling around my waist area..damn… bangun 0600 hrs terus pledge to cycle some distance that day. Legs still there, knee joint need some strengthening. And yesterday a 5km on the treadmill. I was one satisfied Leo. *the office building seriously needs to have a gym and shower facility..hello..Work&Life Balance alert!!*


I thought I gave my bike a name...i forgot what is...!



Dua ribu dua belas

2012 is fast approaching and I am sure most of you have plans to go for your long awaited break with family, friends and loved ones. Where ever you are heading to, Enjoy!!! Saviour every moment of it. In fact, saviour and cherish every moment of your life cuz we never know what is truly meaningful to us until its gone.

I am looking forward to 2012 as well though my Muslim friends and myself have just celebrated Ma’al Hijrah (Islamic New Year) a couple weeks back. InsyaAllah it will be a happy year for me and my family, I always pray for this. I just can’t wait to go through whatever obstacles awaiting me until December 2011 as 2012 is waiting for me, full of surprises (nice ones I hope) and also excitement. InsyaAllah, apa-apa kegembiraan yang lalui, lalui bersama-sama. If ada yang duka pon, kena kongsi jugak. That what is life right? I am always honoured to share any news here at, relating to the tri-community here in Malaysia. Its a small, but growing community and family.

To Bahri : Hope your dad’s by pass went well. Praying him a speedy recovery !

And to all of you who will be running this Sunday, see yaaaa !!!! It will be my last race this year. 🙂


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