Salam Ma’al Hijrah

رأس السنة الهجرية – The Islamic New Year is celebrated by Muslims worldwide at the beginning of the Islamic calendar year/ التقويم الهجري‎ which consists of 12 lunar months. The first month is Islamic Calendar is المحرّم (Muharram), named after the word ‘haram’ (forbidden) — to signify Allah’s Command that prohibits any fighting during the sacred month. Muharram and Ramadhan are 2 among 2 most sacred months in Islam. Many holy and significant events in Islamic history has taken place in these 2 months.


Muslims mark the arrival of Muharram and the New Year by congregating in mosques for prayers in ushering the new Hijri year (hence ‘Ma’al Hijrah), together with various acts of worships — new year duaa'(prayer), fasting and donating to the needy.


‘Ma’al Hijrah’ also signifies the emigration of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and his followers from Mecca to Medina in 622CE/AD. The remembrance of this significant historic event serves as a reminder for Muslims to better themselves in all aspects of their lives, leaving and moving from the bad to good, and from the better to the best, all in the name of Allah.

Islam does not serve only as a religion, but it is, indeed, is a way of life no matter what angle we take it from. From this point, when a Muslim declares and renew his creed, that there is no God but Allah , and that Prophet Muhammad is Allah’s messenger, he, the Muslim bears all responsibilities of a person who holds on to the One- ness of Allah, and all that is expected of him, including that of being a successful person in duniya and akhirah (world and hereafter).


Man was created to err. We are not perfect. We are constantly committing mistakes and sin, hence Muslim should at all time make aim and effort to be a better person , and leave behind all his thoughts, behaviours and actions which brings nothing but Anger from Allah Ta’ala. Hence, the word Hijrah covers all aspects of our lives , be it religiously, morally, behaviourally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Of course, as a communal relligion, Hijrah also demarcates that the success in this world and current life that we live in has to be hand in hand with the success for the akhirah. Balance is key, and to be a successful Muslim we have to focus not only on our worldy material success, but also on our akhirah.


InsyaAllah we will be the best of Muslims and nations. InsyaAllah the generations to come will be the best of Muslims too. It is not too late to renew our vows, hopes and prayers as a Muslim. Allah is Ever Forgiving and Ever Loving. Show Him Love and He Will Love you 10 times more, InsyaAllah. If you have children, spouses and loved ones, be a responsible Muslim, and share with them the ‘ilm ;knowledge) that a Muslim should know regarding the holy celebrations in Islam, and far more importantly the significance of each celebration and how it should be used to reflect and guide us as a Muslim.

All that is lacking in this article comes from me, and all that is good happened to be the ones that Allah has reminded me to relay your reading eyes, mind and soul. InsyaAllah. Have a blessed, beautiful and.successful year.

Salam Ma’al Hijrah to all Muslims.
1433 A.H.



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    1. Salam Ma’al Hijrah to you too. Spt muslimin&muslimat yg lain, azam tuh mestilah sentiasa ada. Utk menjadi hamba Allah yg bertaqwa insyaAllah. & pada masa yg sama to be less ignorant with my life !!


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