Gotta Du What I Gotta Du

Somebody managed to cycle last week !!! heeheee...

Down with fever

I have been feeling a wee bit under the weather these couple of days. Was down with a viral fever, and a rather drainy flu ! Alhamdulillah feeling much better today after my extended leave yesterday, thansk to the MC from the doctor. I must say, inactivity and, ehem, non-training really slugs me down, well at least physically. That feeling of being tired, and feeling lazy is certainly not helping me with Powerman just round the corner

I have had at least 3 doctors, within the span of 2 months asking me if (and telling me) my blood pressure (BP) has always been low. The answer is yes. It was 96/58 on the 22nd October, but it wasn’t a major concern as I am an active person. Inactivity and only brings my BP down, hence.. the need to stay active ! Coincidentally I was down with a slight fever couple of days before King Of Mountain (KOM) Ipoh. In fact, I was not feeling too well the morning before race start in Simpang Pulai.

Powerman 2011

Anyways, BPs and fever aside, I am not all set for the Du this weekend, but what I plan to do is, to start and complete the Powerman distance in 1 piece, insyaAllah. Of course, I am looking forward to this weekend in Manjung. It will be my last Powerman racing the the 20-29 age group category. Both my friend, Lynn Guan and I will upgrade to the big 3-0 category from next year onwards. I have no rush to compete, as I have done Powerman since 2008, and manage to achieve at leat 1 sub 4 hours. 🙂 I respect the training for these kind of events as much as I respect racing the distance.

A friend pointed out that its not all about air-flight tickets, quote unquote.. and of course, its not how much you can afford as far as the racing fees, travel and accomodation costs are concerned. It takes much more respect and dignity to really put in commitment to train for these distance (Powerman, half Ironman, Ironman, ultramarathons, climbathons etc) than just claiming that you have ‘ran’ a marathon.

My respect and salute to all who took part in the TMBT (The Most Beautiful Thing) 25/50/100km trail run in Sabah just last weekend. Standing ovation those who took the courage to prep up and race the great outdoors ! My friend Michelle Looi took lead in the local rankings, for woman’s category.Congrats Michelle !

All The Best

To those of you who are new to sports, or multisports, missJeweLz welcomes you. If you are doing Powerman this weekend, hey, Say Hello! if you see me. Race smart and wise. Always, always, take care of your safety while on the road. Expect a very much sunny and heated course you feel like asking somebody to switch off that centralized oven switch ! But don’t forget to smile at the cameramans who will be out there snapping your PIA (picture in action).

Some quick tips for those already panicking and simply can’t wait for Powerman to start slash be over :-

– rest, eat and hydrate well

– have your gears check list. you arrange the list head to toe, what you need for each leg INCLUDING transition. A sample here: Before start-run-Transition1-bike-Transition 2- run- post-race.

– don’t forget your sports nutrition

– important : race numbers, timing chip

For more info, log on to Poweman Malaysia’s website, or simple refer to the race kit booklet you have received from the organizer. Mean time, enjoy the countdown and take care of your health !!!

Some Powerman pics below for old time’s sake !

En route to my first Powerman in 2008
My fastest 11km .. in 54 mins. (4 Powermans ago)
#404. Finish time - 3hrs 59mins.
Rahman, missjewelz, Shahrom and Azmar in 2008 !
2010 : Rahim (in red), Azmar and missjewelz - post Powerman last year with Along and Panjang
4th place last year. and some cash. This year?! will be chillin' it on the course. hehehe... watch out for the slow mo mj this year !



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