When the Vaio crashed

Salam and Happy Sunday everybody ! I am writing this on my iPhone thanks to my Vaio which crashed– and now going on the data rescue mode.


It has been 2 full weeks for me. I started with my new job with a new company on the 3rd of October. Still in the corporate world > not a biggie. I am enjoying the new job. Lucky to have a superior and colleagues which I can work a long with pretty well. Will still drop by at my old work place though !

Celebration and Reflection – TSB

In life, people come and go. And in religion, as far as mine is concerned, it the arrival of a new born is always celebrated. The departure of the leaving on the other hand, should serve as a reflection and reminder of us, the living, as we shall one day (na’uzubillah) will join the dead as well. And it is customary and advisable to attend the funeral/tahlil, to pay last respect to the roh of the dead and of course make prayers, eventhough prayers can be made anytime and from anywhere. But more importantly, to show support to the immediate family, in this case Yanti and her daughter, Yasmin.

I was at arwah TSB’s funeral on Thursday eve thanks for the quick action and updates from my triathlon friends, Ish, AJ, Bahri and Nik. I understood that many showed up at PPUM once the news broke. Jenazah was sent to SS3 after that (TSB’s mum’s place) an later the convoy proceeded to Masjid Kg Sekamat, Kajang for Solat Jenazah after Asar. And then later it the body was brought to the nearby cemetery for burial ritual. It was a sight to behold — to see many family members and friends who turned up… Jaja, Mac, Kam, Arif, Shazly, Upiq, Bahri, Laif, Keni, Hadi, Yusran all came … Stupe, AJ and Ish were at PPUM earlier in the afternoon…

Yanti and Yasmin, the 2 beautiful ladies are no strangers to my group of friends as they are always there together with arwah each time we have a makan session or get-together.. I was touched when Yanti said, ‘Thank you Julie’ when I hugged her before leaving the funeral on Thursday(13.10.2011)…


In life, everything happens for a reason. We, are here for a reason. While it has been pre described why we are here at the first place, each of us live our own lives for our own reason. Thinking about it, it is a waste to live this live purposeless… (I hope this is a valid word…).. Yup, every aspect of our life..Every day and second of it.. Who you speak to, what you speak of, why you spoke about it, and how did you relay it? How you reacted to a person? How you smiled and gave that nod of approval… Or how you simply brush off a person’s presence just because you don’t give a damn about that person.

Not everyday we have to go microlevel like this. But if you do ever want to look back, it’s never harmful to you, or anyone. There was several reason why I attended the funeral– reasons been mentioned above. I wouldn’t have felt what I am feeling now if I didn’t go to the funeral.. I wouldnt have felt spiritually provoked if I just ignored ‘the call’. It reminded me that life on earth is temporary, and that we should not be blinded by it. So the Imam who led the final prayers at the funeral said.. ‘only our amalan/deed is brought to the here after..’… Nothing else… Not the Ironman medals, not the number of hits/readers this blog gets, not how famous you were… Not how high up in the rank of society you are,, and certainly not your PB in a recent marathon.


Purpose and deed/amalan is a pure relationship which goes a long way. Kid ourselves not. Every micro-minute aspect of our behaviour whether it’s our thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical actions, words, expression and reaction all tie back to ‘purpose’… A word often misunderstood, under emphasized or sometimes exaggerated.

So remember, remember, everytime we do something– what is it for..? You will be surprised to what extent this takes you back. As a responsible person living with values, it is not easy to say that ‘We don’t care’… Or ‘Live a care free life…’ of course this depends on what kind of values you religiously believe in. I know this is a rather subjective matter — but I’ll be selfish not to share my take on this. It is not a mere personal intervention that I am imparting here. It is through the values which been taught to me.


Human are not robots. We think we are pre-programmed. But we are not. We are human. We can think, react, do without being told, we can agree, deny.. and most of all, we are sometimes ignorant … and we can change, for the better. I regret the times I’ve been rude, ignorant, selfish… whether it is to myself, my Lord, to my family members, loved ones, dear friends and those I’ve met before. I wrote to my friends to ask them to forgive me for all my wrongs– and will do the same right here if you are reading this; Forgive me for all my wrongs.

My dear Vaio is still being rescued and that leaves me with a little bit extra time to write just a little bit more..


The last time I saw TSB alive was exactly 10 days before he passed away.. That was at Sofian’s farewell lunch. I just asked him how was he , and that I haven’t seen him for a long time. We didn’t chat much as I arrived late at the lunch, and had to concentrate on chomping and swallowing the plateful of rice n lamb in front of me. Later on we took a group photo… Little did I know it would be our last group photo together.. And that it was my last time seeing him alive. The next time I saw TSB was on the 13th October was at the cemetery in Kajang. Lying down on his right shoulder, facing Kaabah, all wrapped in a white piece of cloth. I froze as I witnessed the view below me 7feet under..One of the guys attending to the burial ceremony loosened the white cotton kain used to tidy the kapan wrapping.. And of course, the body moved a bit as the guy loosen the knot… I stared at the body below me knowing that one day, I will be there as well, unto the other world.. Alam barzakh and then Akhirah. What am doing to prepare for this…? Invested enough for Akhirah or still dilly-dallying with the much sorted material life..? Do I balance them out..

These were the reflection which I personally went through after attending the funeral. Every time a friend or a closed one leaves, it is always the best time to reflect. But if hangat-hangat tahi ayam pon tiada gunanya..

So again…

PURPOSE… DEED…REFLECTION. Show to the people around you how much you care for them… Show to yourself you have your responsibility of living life to the fullest, with a purpose, for a purpose.. Health, it is your responsibility to take care of it. If you’re not doing it for yourself, REMEMBER your loved ones…. Your wife, husband, children, mom, dad, your boyfriend, girlfriend, bakal tunang, bakal isteri/suami.

This post is so major to me it belittles the plan to write on my experience taking part in King Of Mountain Ipoh last week, giving a talk on ‘Health Benefits of Cycling’ on Thursday at Bursa Malaysia thanks to the invite from Cycling Asia, getting a 2nd place at MUDS yesterday after zero training the whole week, and of course, having to skip the OCBC cycle as I decided I didn’t want to damage my heart muscles– those fast laps will be too intense for my cardiac muscles which has not been trained for such events. InsyaAllah, I’ll still have time for that when I really train for it. Money or the RM94 registeration fee for OCBC can’t buy my soul back — so I rather be safe then have other people to be sorry for me. If you say those LV, Chanel,Cartier Tods, DKNY, Burberry, Breitling, Gucci, Chopard are money-can’t-buy, guess what? Your life is a money- can’t-buy either. A luxury you can’t trade for another !!


This thing about heart rate monitors especially if you are pursuing sports activities of variable intensity, it is crucial that you know how your heart is keeping up. What is the max heart ideal for you? If you are big size, what are the odds that you are over exercising your heart muscles despite feeling that you are now even cycling/swimming/running hard enough? And even if you’re slim
and fit, it doesnt mean you dont have to worry. A heart rate monitor is a tool to guide you to understand your body further, which tells you when to pull back and when to exert. Imagine going for a 190bpm for 5-10mins on an unfit body. Trust me, it won’t do your heart muscles any good.

Let’s be more caring, cautious, less ignorant and more knowledgable… Go read on heart anatomy, physiology, how artherosclerosis form, how plaque can form in your coronary artery from a very young age, and how pushing your body too hard will spell trouble for an unconditioned and unhealthy heart. Go for a check up and consult with you doctor to see if you have any coronary arteries blocked and what you can do to improve the situation…

All this making me again wonder.. Why people STILL smoke? Why do they care to smoke in front of their kids? Why is it hard for people to improve their lifestyle? Why bother to calorie in soooo much when there’s no calorie out?! Why wait to get a good rap on the head before waking up to the reality of things?


missJeweLz care for you. Show your loved ones and friends that you care too. Feel free to share this article.

I appreciate your comments, and thoughts on the matters discussed in this humble post of mine.





It’s not how long we live, but how we live it. InsyaAllah.

4 thoughts on “Purpose

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  1. Beautifully said, Julie and i couldn’t agree with you more. In running this race called Life, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, of the true prize that awaits us at the Finish. Thank you for sharing, and thanks for being a friend.

    1. My honour and pleasure to be sharing this Grace. Hope you can share this humble piece with your friends as well.

      I wasn’t out doing anything this morning. Spoiling myself by staying indoors today. Hope to get some sunshine later. Hey, congrats again on PNM ! 🙂 way to go! N all d best for ur upcoming trineymoon !

      Just me, missJeweLz

  2. I saw you at TSB’s funeral.

    I wasn’t a close friend with arwah but at least every time we happened to meet with some other friends we felt his warm and friendly vibe.

    We can say takdir is takdir, but it would be fruitful to us understand a little bit more about cardiac arrest. So if you have some time perhaps you can make a blog post about it. 🙂

    Al-fatihah to arwah.

    1. Heyya Ammar. May his soul rest in peace. Next time u see me come n say Hello! 🙂 I saw d guy w d big dreadlocks (frm d rally) at d funeral. hope all is well for you

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