Ideas – colouring the Blue Pill

Dalam kesibukan kalian kawan-kawan berhari raya atau pulang dari ber Aidilfitri, timbul pulak idea nak mewarnakan basikal Blue Pill saya. Hihi… out of the blues! Anything that will make this Leo a happy and motivated one. The Yellow Submarine now serves as my trainer. I have another road bike, (yet to be named) which you might have seen in my previous blog posts.


Blue Pill at PD Tri 2010


Anyways, back to the main issue here.The original colour is blue. Dark blue with a metallic finish. The colour scheme which I was thinking was *ehem* red yellow green.. too fancy right? Googled up a few and came down to these two (similar but different). Do take a look !


The green-white-black combo


The same combo on Trek


I am not sure if there are any bike shops here in KL  which can customize paint your bikes, but I know of a shop in Penang where a friend works, which offers this service. Shop FB link here. I have a mechanic friend who works there , Faizal — also mechanic for the LeTua team during LTdL this year. Keeping my fingers crossed that he can pull this off ! 🙂 Vokeeyyh, missjewelz gotta log out now. 🙂 Crunch time — need to burn these fats and calories off !


And oh, I am not doing Desaru. Decided to skip this annual event as I HAVE NOT been training for this event.. even training pon, jauh dari cukup.. At least I can concentrate training for Powerman. And looking forward to try my first K.O.M event in Ipoh next month. See you there if you’re going !!


I have been super lazy since Ramadhan. Training occasionally. THAT will change starting this week insyaAllah. To all my friends out there, selamat training. Train smart. Keselamatan/safety first eh. I hope Ezer,  Chin Chin, Abdulhadi and the rest who are recovering from their various injuries are doing well on their road to recovery. Mean time, continue makan lemang, rendang dan sate. hihih… cau cin cau…. -missjewelz-


Hulu Langat , raya ke 3. Mula kayuhan jam 10.30pagi. Bangun lambat punya pasal..



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