To all reggae (and drum) fans out there

One up to the king of reggae, Robert Nesta Marley (1945-1981).. here’s one tune which i have not heard before until recently.. catchy and positive tune, as always from this legendary music icon. it is one of those unreleased track of Bob’s.. many reasons.. but from what i have read, he didn’t want any love songs in his Exodus album. The title of this song ‘I’m Hurting Inside’. I was playing it over and over.. a very fine tune believe me. Hum and sing along with the lyrics. You can drum it if not try it on your guitar. If you’re into drumming, you might wanna check out the unique reggae drum style made popular by none other than Bob Marley and The Wailer’s reggae drummer and percussion player Carlton ‘Carly’ Barrett (1950-1987).

Now just  hold on right there, this guy not only make reggae beat more catch, he also actually wrote the song ‘War’ for the band. Multi-talented, just like John Deacon , bass guitarist for Queen, who wrote the song ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ and ‘I Want To Break Free’. Before I share 2 videos to focus on reggae drumming style, just play this song ”I’m Hurting Inside’ 🙂

when i was just a little child
(little child)
happiness was there awhile
(there awhile)
and from me, it…
it slipped one day (ay)
come back I say

cause if you don’t come
i’ve got to go looking…
for happiness

well if you don’t come
i’ve got to go looking…
god, for happiness… happiness

say that
say i’m hurting
(inside) and its no…
i’m hurting
i’m hurting
deep inside

oh good god now

oh hear my cry
hear my cry
yeah my my my my my my my cry

been together like school children
(school children)
then you hurt me just in vain
(just in vain)
lord, i’m your little child
(little child)
happiness come back awhile

cause if you don’t come
i’m go’ng a looking
for happiness
the road is dangerous

cause if you don’t come
i’ve got to go looking
for happiness…happiness

said I’m…
don’t you know i’m…
i’m hurting, hurting inside

oh i’m hurting

who cares
who cares

does the one who love
feel the pain
feel the pain

does the one who love
feel the pain
feel the pain

(been together)
been together like school children

Now… the Carly Carlton bit… check out his unique drumming style apparent in the studio performance of ‘Kinky Reggae’… especially during the 2:41 – 3:10 bit.

Not enough..? Check out the video below :-

Carlton Barrett

Short interview with Carly himself (dayemm he speaks exactly like Bob !) :

Forever Lovin’ Jah, Carly’s favourite song. You’ll know why after you watch this video :-

Excerpt from Carly’s wiki page : “

Throughout his tenure with the Wailers and other projects, Carlton used a standard five-piece drum set consisting of a bass drum, two tom-toms (mounted on the bass drum), a floor tom-tom, and asnare drum.

Each tom-tom had only one drumhead, which gave the drums a dry sound that was ideal for the close-miked environment of the recording studio. However, it was Carlton’s snare drum which was perhaps the biggest part of his signature sound. Carlton used Ludwig drums, and his snare was the popular Supraphonic model, which is made of “ludalloy”, an aluminium alloy. The metal construction of the drum, in combination with the extremely high head tension that Carlton preferred, produced a loud, cutting “crack” sound that was a very prominent element of the Wailers’ recordings. ”

I don’t know how to play drums, but I sure do appreciate the drumming style and whatever unique and ‘ever green’ music style brought by artists from the past. Reggae lives on. Kinky reggae now !



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