Durian, Hulu Langat and such

Durian - king of fruits. missJeweLz had her FIRST taste of it 2 weekends ago. Just a bit. It wasn't as bad as she thought it would !


Need some power - last weekend before puasa


Getting to know the durian flower. Jakun much !


Weighing the 'king' in Semenyih


It was nice to meet the durian farmer couple. Apparently they inherited the land from the lady's husband's parents (in previous photo). Apparently Joo Ngan was there earlier on , before me, to get his lulian stock !


Cycled and durian in the morning. Movie with the familia in the afternoon. A must watch to all comicon and marvel fans !


It was missJeweLz birthday on 3rd of August , last Wednesday
She turned 29. Presents are welcomed. 🙂


Cycled last Saturday. Low in intensity. No problem. I didn't get thirsty, hungry or exhausted. Well stocked from berbuka and sahur. I am only human. Omar Yip Weng Tak? Not too sure... 🙂


Check out the cool entrance at Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih. Did you know that it is the world's largest memorial park??


Cycled again the following day for about an hour. Started late, around 12.30pm (bangun lambat punya pasal). Got chased by wild dogs as I was cycling uphill ! (must be their lunch time kot..) But can still smile after ! 🙂 Happy to be working out and training during Ramadhan.

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    1. yeah, after like 29 years of living !!!! but i tried sikit only. 2 cubit ! hihi.. are you a durian hantu?

      p.s. lets try to meet this weekend.ok?


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