Recovering, and reminding ourselves

Recovering from a bad flu and fever after the hectic weekend. This coming weekend is PD Triathlon. Yikes, I am like so unprepared. Will be thinking twice whether to go or not to go as I have not missed PD since 2007. Anyways, I am just chilling it today, and tomorrow. Yuppy yup, on MC.. But still was out and about this noon to attend a prayer at Masjid Wardieburn in Setapak. My Wataniah officer , Encik Nazri, passed away late yesterday leaving behind a wife and 4 daughters (if I am not mistaken).  Their latest addition to the family is only 2 months old. Al Fatihah to Allahyarham En. Nazri. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. I was saddened by the fact that his daughter is 2 months old, to little to get to know her dad. The jenazah prayer took place at the mosque, before the jenazah was sent to Penang (his home town) for the funeral.


Yang masih hidup ni, sentiasa bersyukur of this gift of life given to us by Allah as we wouldn’t when, where and how our lives will be taken back. I am sure most of us have experienced a family member’s or close/distant friend’s death. Always, always fill your life with love. Give love and expect more love to come your way. Avoid hatred at all extent, this I frequently remind myself. If there’s a black spot in my heart, it is from my own weakness, and hatred is the thing I need to get rid of, this cleaning up needs to be done constantly. This hatred acts like an infarct in your cardiac muscles. We know how the cardiac muscles of the heart contracts and relaxes in rhythm, synchronized and involuntarily. An M.I. or myocardial  infarct basically causes the myocardiac (heart cells/muscles) to die. That is what hatred does to us also. It causes our soul to die, leaving us as mere physical being walking the earth. ~renung-renugkan~


After that was done, I was at Totalfield (Powerbar official supplier) to check out any new stocks. Apparently, according their Manager, Khamal Basha, there will be an increase of price for the sports nutrition products. I will write in a separate blog post of the price increase, in detail. So do watch out for that one. I will also be updating on the recent press coference, cheque presentation and appreciation ceremony held for the ‘To Japan With Love’ ceremony. It is not too late for you to show support for the program as the event t-shirt will be out for sale soon at RM30 soon. Sizes ; S,M,L. First come, first serve basis. Do PM me to place your order.

with the committee of the event last weekend. 🙂 They all did a fantabulous job. Not in photo; Alia, Goh, Pat Ee


The committee posing having a photo opt with the band which performed during the event. Terima kasih Chekdet + Asrul ! p.s. Chekdet, dari dulu cakap nak beli kasut lari. Bila lagi..?


Mean while, this is an early week for us to ponder upon our action, deeds and intention. Jangan depan je nak berkata hebat2, but in the heart and action, other wise. That is the essence of hypocrisy. I was given a ‘electric tap’ on the shoulder by  Shazly, a friend, who told me, he’s preparing for the akhirah. He is much ahead of some of us who only sees the short distance ahead of us. We prepare for the worldly, but do we remind ourselves of the preparation for the here after? I am no preacher as I have much ahead of me to ponder, study and fix.So do all of you. Let’s all remind ourselves ya. Peace be upon you.


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  1. Hi Julie,
    I would love to get a tshirt, size S. Maybe I can get it during PD tri? or its ok if you want me to pay first 🙂

    Anyway, take care there.


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