Sports chat and Port Dickson Triathlon 2011

Port Dickson Triathlon 2011

Pink ?! Hahaha.. It’s crimson. Just trying something different from the normal black. Looks good.. anyways..PD Triathlon is just around the corner.. in fact.. just a week away ! It’s a bit too late for any training. So I am just focusing on my weakest discipline which is the swim. There’s no ‘should have’ at the moment as I have been busy before and even after the Sundown Ultramarathon. I will be in PD on the 24th July 2011 to enjoy the race ! I have arrived to this level where it’s not all about finishing with a PB, but more importantly for me, is to enjoy the race -that especially if you have trained and prepared well for it.

Port Dickson Triathlon 2010 - Last year. Me and my tri buddies Chin and Lesley.

I enjoyed my Sabah Adventure Challenge. The difficult course and extreme weather didn’t bother me a single bit. I had no cramps, hydrated well, and of course, enjoyed exchanging Hellos with the locals in Tambunan. The kids particularly were excited some running with me a few times. Anyways, to all those doing PD Triathlon for the first time this whether in the sprint, relay or Olympic Distance, I wish you all the best. Jangan lupa to enjoy the race ya. As most of you in the triathlon scene here in Malaysia know, that Port Dickson International Triathlon is THE triathlon event in Malaysia. The response is overwhelming dashing hope of those who wanted to register for this event. My advice, check the racing calendar early in the season ( for you triathlon events, or for all the running events in and out of Malaysia. Alternatively, you can log on to, where you can check out all the races you can get and also to register for the registered races online. I too almost forgot if I did register for PD Tri because I registered quite early.

What sports can do to you !

Banyak sangat event (as seen in the race calendar at Some of the newbies would want to take part in as many races as possible. Yang berlari nak masuk semua event larian, nak kumpul medal, t-shirt. If that what keeps you motivated, why not kan. If you can afford the time, then why not. Especially when you are doing it together with your loved ones and friends. Or even better to get to know more people out there. You will be surprise how sports unite people. While there are many other ways how we can overcome our differences, I find sports participation very interesting. Whether you join an event as a participant, organizer or event as volunteer.

Powerman Malaysia last year. Powerman is a duathlon event (run-bike-run) . (11km run - 64km bike - 10km run)

The ‘rawest’ of sports I can see is running. It’s just between you and the tarmac. No carbon bike in between, no speed suit, and surely no aero helmets. You put everything aside, whether you are an engineer, doctor,lawyer, clerk , nurse or earning a 5 figure pay cheque. Whether its your physical or mental strength, you can (especially if you are the competitive/semi competitive type) compare who’s stronger. It’s fun. Seriously. Go look back at your own running photos tagged in FB, or those in your photos folder. I am sure you will have a story or two to tell for each photo. I.e. ‘That aunty ran faster than me!’, or.. ‘I remember overtaking this young chap the last 2km.’. There’s that feel of encouragement and sometimes that you deserve that pat on your back again. Hey, who said you need somebody to praise you. You can do it on your own. I have had moments like this where I looked at photos of me crossing the finish line, or having a trail of guys behind me during the run leg, going ‘I can’t imagine how did I finish this distance’..and ‘I wish I can be as fast as this again..’ (yeap, I am SUPER slow now… kayuh basikal pon semput). Anyways, that’s the whole point I am saying..Sports equalizes people. It brings people together. I am talking from the perspective of an amateur athlete. I am obviously NOT a national athlete, nor am I a pro or an elite. I am just me, a Julie who happens to love sports and takes it as a life passion.

Saluting our national athletes

I am not sure though, about those in the professional side, taking into account our national athletes. It’s their job, their responsibility to perform and meet certain expectations. I salute all national athletes of Malaysia for their sacrifices. Take Kimberly Yap for instance – swimmer turned triathlete , and now a cyclist with the national team. She is currently in Vietnam for the 12th An Giang Television Cup together with 4 other from the national women’s cycling team. Mariana, Masziyaton, Mardiana, Ju Pha. Kimberly is no stranger in the triathlon scene. She won a gold medal at the SEA Games (Korat) for triathlon. However, she suffered slip disc problem and switched to cycling. She crashed a few days ago during the tour, and sustained road rash on her face, as well as pain on her back (she had a slip disc surgery in 2009). Mardiana is another cyclist who had to pull out of the race after getting involved in an accident during the tour. Puncture tube, and a cracked frame…! Apparently, Mariana is down with fever and can’t continue with the race. Ju Pha today was involved in a crash 300m before a sprint zone. 

Anyways, my respect to ALL national athletes. I really hope the National Sports Council is doing their job in taking care of the welfare of athletes who are committed to serving this country  and making it proud through their sports participation. Things like sports talent and sports development shouldn’t be taken lightly and not left in the hands of (some) officers who cares nothing more than their pay slips and getting the ‘budget’ for sports ‘development’. Just continue and improve your sincerity and effort in making sports a platform we all can be proud of. Let’s look forward for SEA Games (Indonesia) end of this year, and
support our athletes !!! Go Malaysia !!


p.s.  Putrajaya Night Marathon website has been launched.Visit their website

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  1. Hi Julie! See you at the PD Tri! I hope to be standing there at the start on race day (Sprint), health permitting. But whatever happens I will be at the carbo loading dinner (must get my $$ worth hehe).

  2. Wow…!!
    very good and inspiring writing…
    penulisan yg menaikkan semangat saya pagi2 nih 🙂

    “because your own strength is unequal to the task, do not assume that it is beyond the powers of the man,
    but if anything is within the powers and province of man,
    believe that it is within your own compass also” – marcus aurelius


  3. Hi! Stumbled on your blog. Very Inspiring! Keep it up! Cheers. May i add you in my FB. Mine is Iron Sloth.

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