Life & Attachments

Attachments — One of the things (among the other many things) that we come across and experience in our life. We’re ‘attached’ to something of/from the past and the idea of nudging from that memory seems difficult. Some of us do find comfort and pride from our past. Sometimes relying too much on it that we forget not everything in life revolves around that past. Some people forget to move on, as much as they unconsciously would ‘want’ to go on with their lives.

Visualize and actualize

I’ve came across this article from the Classified section in The Star. It highlighted one of Muhammad Ali’s tips for success — which is to visualize before we actualize. So what the legend did during his rounds in the ring was to imagine and visualize first, before throwing another powerful blow to his opponent. Don’t just imagine. Follow through with action !

Why Muhammad Ali is relevant to this not-so-random article of mine is that– we often fail to see, visualize and imagine of the current and future. While some of us have powerful and deep sitted memory of the past, we forget to ‘reflect’ upon the future. What is there to be afraid of tomorrow, and what is that comfort spot hanging at the back of our heads?

Just Keep it Simple

I am just like you and I have imaginably vivid memories and images from the past. It does not tie down to only what the power of nature (and God) has reserved and preserved for us in our mind and memory, but lo behold , also our material surrounding and environment which actually allows these ‘attachments’ to linger around us whether or not we need it. I guess some of you have read or heard of this book called ‘Simplify Your Life’. Well, heaps of advice there. But 1 which principally had an instant effect of me was the one on reducing the physical material which we own. It does help a lot to ease the burden on our mind.

Physical material? Well, in my case that can include my old pairs of slippers, running shoes, sandals.. My old t-shirts, that movie ticket, the drawing which I drew when I was about 9, the books and magazine which I have had in my collection for years.. Some are important for me to preserve while most of the others are just occupying physical space (apart from my mental space).

Be Honest to Yourselves

Do give it a try, ‘throw out’ those things which you don’t need. You dont need unnecessary attachments. You only need those which you think can serve you good and for the better for your future. Do you think this topic is too complicated for you? Just look at your Facebook friends list and honestly tell yourselves which of these friends are still on your list are there ‘just for keeps’ or there ‘just because’…. Do you see some kind of attachments occurring right there eventhough you know you can just take this person off without even hurting a fly, or would you just leave the person alone there eventhough you know there’s no real time benefit you’re getting by ‘befriending’ someone you hardly know.

You might be surprised with the effects of having lesser things, owning lesser material, or even having less friends. More doesn’t mean many, and a lot doesn’t mean you got it all. Think about it. Even millionaires know that there comes a limit where money can’t do more to change or make their lives a happier one.

Lose some, Keep some

Back to the topic ‘attachments’. Give it a try where by you can ‘lose’ some of those cob-web and antique attachments outta your head so that your mental and emotional system can refresh and strive for a better tomorrow and future. Less burden and fuzziness in the head for a clearer vision of what is ahead of you, so that you can look through beyond the pile of junks and attachments you have in your life. If you are or have tried detaching yourself from these life unnecessaries, keep it up. Attach only with the necessary.

From the Almighty

Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim. Wa maa khalaq tul jinna wal in sa illa li ya’ buduun’– Al Zhariyaat :56. — the translation is quite obvious (was refreshing my Arabic). Bear with me for a minute..

Wa – means ‘and’
Ma – means ‘no way’/no
khalaqtu – ‘did I create’
Al jinna wa al insan – the jinn and humankind
Liya’ – except to
Buduun – worship me

These are the words of Allah Almighty and what is He saying is that, there is only 1 attachment that we should live by — that is to be near to Him and be consciously be aware of His presence in our lives. As Muslims (if you are), we have to free ourselves from all forms/aspects of enslavement (one of which is your material ‘enslavement’) except for the attachment to Allah.

I don’t want to delve in deeper with the holy verse now, as the message is pure and simple. Attach to what matters to you. How do you know what matters to you depends on what kind of value do you live your life by. I am sure from our day to day busy and hectic lives, we do sit back and reflect what are we living for. Why are we doing the things we do? Does it tally with your unwritten life values or perhaps it doesn’t matter to what rule you play against as long as you are able to get what you want? Only you have that answer.

The real deal

Life should be simple — if you want to see it as simple. If you believe that it is simple. But often times we get caught and entangled in the mess that we create , which of course , could have been avoided at the first place. It can be anything. Just recently we hear and read stories of Malaysian teenagers involved in suicide as they can’t cope with life’s pressure. It saddens me. It worries me that this is happening to our society. In our society. Do we give a hoot? If your own relative is one of the teenagers involved in the stats, what would you do? Teenagers as young as 14 years old are jumping off from balconies. Now look at your life. You might have imagined of ‘walking away’ forever though NOT (I hope) jumping of any building structure.

Walk away from all the things that you don’t need. Embrace simplicity and values which matters most to you. Make yourself happy. Make others happy. Start your day by greeting whoever you meet – whether the cleaner at the corridor, the tea lady, the security guard. Whoever ! Hang loose and be easy on yourselves too. You don’t deserve all the pressures as (I can assure you) life has a lot of that installed for you. It’s all about picking and choosing which ones you need and don’t need. Know your priorities and again, know what you really need.

Personally,for now, I need to clear this messy room of mine !!! (I actually slept while blogging this through my iPhone ). Yeap, blogging through the phone. Boleh relax2 , baring2. Haha. Okaylah, have a nice week ahead folks and thank you for your time. God Bless.

Just me,


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