Counting Down to 100

Only a few days away from Sundown Ultra and I must say I am numbly excited. Been trying to relax the body and mind. Not the easiest task around I must say. Nevertheless I truly appreciate the support shown and given by friends for my maiden Sundown outing. I need the motivation – I am like you, a human. But we know we are more than just a human. Right? We walk the earth bound for different destinations with different purposes. What is yours?

I can’t thank enough all the beautiful souls and hearts who came forward to support ‘To Japan With Love’ the charity program my team and I are working on. Whether it be a best wishes greetings, donation, passing the word and even recommending marketing/PR tips. All counts in coz I know it’s from the heart that you are giving and sharing.

Last weekend Najwa, Aliya and myself were at Dataran Merdeka (Larian Koperasi) for our last round of booth promotion. Thank you ladies for the help ! This weekend? I’ll be at Marina Barrage at 6pm with the rest of the ultras/ultra-to-be(s). I was asked numerous of times what’s my target. The target is to finish, and of course finish within the cut off. The cut off for the 1st 50km is 9hrs, cut off for 90km is 16hours and cut off for 100km is 18hours. Failure to meet the cut off will result in disqualification (DQ).

I will be at the event with the rest of the runners. The number of Malaysians doing the ultra is around 130- that’s the figure I received from the organizer. 104 men and 26 women. I wish all the best for all of you running the ultra. Semoga tamat larian dengan jayanya tanpa sebarang kecederaan (meaning ‘I hope you finish the run with no injuries’) .


The body+mind+soul : Psychologically + religiously speaking

What most of us are not aware of is that the whole entity of our being is very well connected. Like how your nail is embedded to the tissues below it, how your dermis layers are all interconnected right up to your muscles. The bonds are close and tight yet flexible enough to allow exchange of micro nutrition through our vascular system. Pressure, heat and pain receptors intersects these areas to protect the body from harm.

Any micro trauma or injury to the tiniest of space within the body sends signal to the brain, we perceive and feel the pain, and we react to it by various means- a simple ouch to a loud blast of OUCHHH.

Any trauma to the body, mind or soul will affect the other 2. Physiologically speaking, we know how continuous stress can lead up to acute heart attacks or prolonged depression. And we know how happy people are the healthiest people. It all works out to understanding this rather relation between these 3 (Mind, body, soul). If we don’t have anything good to say about anybody, than just keep mum/quiet. We don’t know how our own words or actions can ‘cut’ ourselves the same way we can’t imagine how those words and action can effect others mind, body and soul. You won’t know how cumulatively you can contribute to ‘killing’ or ‘murdering’ somebody just because you are not in favour of that person.

I may not be the most religious person around, and all humans can’t escape from flaws and mistakes – as from these we learn and improve from. The worst people are those who fail to recognize their own flaw yet are proud and ever ready to parade other people’s flaws. These are not my words. These are the reflections and values which I have learned. And yes, they are worldly Islamic essence which can be adopt by anybody no matter what race or religion you are.

In the end,i t’s all about protecting the human race. So remember the next time you do something – how it might ‘kill’ somebody without you knowing it. Show mercy as nobody is perfect. Even the most perfect of human, the Prophet Muhammad seeks for forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Are we any better than him (Peace Be Upon Him)? I doubt it.

Let us continue to walk our lives, to our own destination and through those various paths. Just remember to smile and make those people you pass by happy and they will do the same to you.


Aliya and Ms Jemaeiah at Larian Koperasi 1Malaysia, Dataran Merdeka.
Thank you for supporting To Japan With Love
The Patriotic Ms Jenny Lee, 56. She is a regular in the running scene. You won't miss her with the striking outfit. 🙂
With Mike, sports photographer from Cycling Asia. He shot the photo of my on Cycling Asia anniversary cover. 🙂 Nice to see him and his friends at Dataran. Mike : TQ for dropping by ya !!
All smiles. With Farah and Ann. Great company !
With Chap Ayam Runners kapitan , Azri together with Lili at Bukit Aman
With another follower of Nice of her to drop by the booth !
With deaf persons from RC Deaf Missions Malaysia. Do log on to for more info on how you can support them. I got myself a beautiful art piece produced by the gentleman next to me. The 2 ladies were so friendly and helpful. They taught me how to say thank you in sign language !

14 thoughts on “Counting Down to 100

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  1. Hi Julie, all the best, run well, safe and enjoy yourself. You are doing good so far. God speed.
    Allen Lai

  2. good luck and all the best julie! 🙂
    enjoy the run… rehydrate well, n dont forget to listen to your body…
    sorry, i cant be there to support u..

  3. Hi Julie,good luck..i know you have special determination that can give you endurance!! believe u’r self..

  4. Julie, thanks for adding my photo here.

    Good luck for the 100km-sundown!!! I’ll be running for 10km-only-SCKLM ha ha ha

    catch ya again later InsyaAllah

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