Featured on NST page S11 today (7 June 2011)

‘To Japan With Love’ the charity program that I am working on at the moment with my team from Kilau Suria Sports was featured on New Straits Time (NST) today. I didn’t know until I came back from my lunch break and after I turned on my phone. 3 miss calls from Fadli, the NST reporter who tele-interviewed me, and another 3 miss calls from The Star reporter. Must be some good news for me πŸ™‚ and I was right !

My colleague and lunch time buddy Jen checking out the article on NST today.
I was given this title by the NST editor I suppose..uhm,.. πŸ™‚ okayy...! Page S11 if you have a copy of NST πŸ™‚
Photo from last year.. ! πŸ™‚
I got a sweet surprise from somebody who I have not met for nearly 2 decades. I dedicate this SMS to all my CBN girls out there πŸ™‚ Jolaina + Edina Nasseri, Kelly Ang, Fiona Anne, Geetha, Suzanna de Cruz, Afina Norhiza, Alina Manap, Amy Yusnita, Filzah, Eliza Hanim, Mazlina Manan, Kanageswary, Siti Mariam, Radiah Shukor, Mariana Mustafar, Adibah, Siti Farah Ghafar, Siti Hajar, Cheong Sook Kuan, Goh Ai Lin, (yes ladies, i ingat your full name okay !!), Renee Goh Lee Nee, Christine Yap Yok Yeng, Li Mei Lee, Rosnani and etc. ! πŸ™‚


NST online linkΒ 

Nor Juliana, the ‘ultra woman”Β by Fadhli Ishak


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  1. Waahh. congrats miss jewelz.. good to see you now runnin with good cause… see you at the top.. sky is the limit yeaahh

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