So I Miss Cycling

While I can’t wait to share about the charity drive which my team and I organized this morning, I just have to express this.. I miss cycling !!!!

misssJeweLz at LTDL 2011 (in yellow jacket)
At LeTua 100 Ride earlier this year. First time cycling at Bukit Jelutong/Dragon Back route
At MALAKOFF Interstate Charity Ride

Well, as evident in the pics uploaded above.. 🙂 How’s your weekend rolling along? Mine was sweet and a tad too fast ! 🙂 I came up with some lame proverb this afternoon .. Or rather falsampah..

We may see lightning in the sky but it turned to to be a very sunny and bright day after all. You may experience a clear blue sky only to experience heavy rain and thunderstorm the next moment. The weather is unpredictable. Just like human. A pretty nice face and good connection with the person may allure us to thinking nothing of the person except for good deeds and intention. An ugly scarred face and rough personality may give us the perception of anything but goodness. But how wrong we are. We can’t tell. We can’t definitely judge. Obviously unpredictable !!!!

Well.. Falsampah as I call it.

Gotta go makan now !! Satay on the menu. Jemput makan ye :p


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