Kejohanan BMX Kebangsaan – Sirkit 3 (National BMX Championship, Circuit 3)

I had the opportunity once again to watch a BMX supercross race recently. The 3rd circuit of the 3 series event organized by the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) was held at Taman Botanikal Ayer Keroh Melaka. The participant response towards this event has increased ; more participants and new faces each circuit. A slight overcast in the morning but luckily the Melaka heat and sunshine took on after the individual time trial started. There were 3 categories contested ; Men’s Open, Women’s Open and Men’s Junior Open.

There were also participants from Indonesia, Singapore – Precision Cycling Team and Kazakhstan. All eyes were on national cyclist Rizal Tisin and Muhammad Elmi Jumari, and Muhammadd Aim  Mohd Fauzi from Pahang – who all showed consistency in their performance throughout the previous 2 series. Rizal Tisin, a silver medal medalist at the recent Commonwealth Games in India, the first of Malaysian track cycling, made his first BMX Supercross appearance at the second circuit of this BMX Championship, coming in 4th with the time of 43.968 seconds behind Mohd Aim Mohd Fauzi  who recorded a time of 40.934s followed by Norshahriel Haizat Mohd Nazali (42.030s) and Muhammad Elmi Jumari (42.803s). At the 3rd circuit, Rizal came in 4th for the overall Men’s Open. Kudos to the Malaysian National Cycling Federation for initiating and organizing the first National BMX Championship. Let’s look forward to more events and development programs for BMX. BMX for all, fair game for all.

A 3 men team headed by Rizal Tisin will be competing in the 6th Asian BMX Championships & Asian Junior BMX Championships on the18th – 19th May 2011 in Sugian, China. missJewelz wishes them ALL THE BEST !

Top 3 results for Circuit 3 :-

Men’s Open

1.Muhammad Elmi Jumari  (38.392s)

2.Muhammad Aim Mohd Fauzi (40.757s)

3. Norshahriel Haizat Mohd Nazali (41.692s)

Women’s Open

1.Nadhirah Sutar (53.338s)

2.Siti Hajar Ahmad Jais (54.998s)

3. Aida Natsya Md Rasip (58.922s)

Men’s Junior Open

1.Mohd Raudhatul Razman (44.745s)

2.Akmal Abdullah (47.177s)

3. Muhammad Nur Asyraf Alids (47.699s)

Photos from Circuit 3 available at these 2 links :
Photo Album 1 Photo Album 2

Video : coming up in next post !

Junior riders heading for the finish line on lane 4, at the BMX track in Taman Botanikal Ayer Keroh, Melaka
Rizal Tisin : The busy athlete in motion ..Gearing up for his race.
Men's Open winners
Men's Junior winners
Women's Open winners


ACC - Asian Cycling Federation. (click on image to link to the ACC website)

Team line up to the Asian BMX Championships and Asian Junior BMX Championships

1. Tuan Haji Ibrahim bin Mustapa – Manager

2. Mohd Hardi bin Razali – Coach

3. Mohamad Aim bin Mohamad Fauzi – Rider

4. Mohd Elmi bin Jumari – Rider

5. Mohd Rizal bin Tisin – Rider

6. Masziyaton bt Mohd Radzi – Rider

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