Sabah Adventure Challenge 2011 – Pt 1

Ultra 60km Trail Runners at Sabah Adventure Challenge 2011

80 Lai Thutt Foo [SG]

81 Teo Wei Bin [SG]

82 Junjie Su [SG]

83 Mohd Faizal Jamil [MAL]

84 Dydimus Talaji [MAL][a Dusun. Ori Sabah ba. and a new friend. #45 out of 194 at  Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon ’09, with a total time of 4hrs 4mins. In 2006 he clocked 3hrs 41mins (mak aihhh…). His 1/2 marathon  at Borneo Marathon last year was 1hr34mins]

85 Andrew Loh Lean Hock [MAL]

86 Goh Ching Soon [SG]

87 Ewe Jin Saw [MAL]

88 Weng Tak Yip@Omar  [MAL] [IRONMAN AND ULTRA-MIND] [his blog here]

89 Shahidan Sidek [MAL]

90 Mohd Faisal Abdullah [MAL]

91 Boyd OFremont Gimbang [MAL]

92 Amritpal Singh Sidhu [SG]

93 Ng Shi Wei

94 Lian Kee Andy Ng [SG]

95 Siew Kien Chang@Eddie [SG]

96 Hui Yi Kua [SG]

97 Stephen Hee Weng Kee [SG]

98 Steven Wong [SG]

99 Jeri Collett [SG]

100 Nor Juliana Ali [MAL][a.k.a. missjewelz, Ironman Langkawi finisher 2009] (dah sah nak jugak menyelit..!)

101 Serene Leong [SG]

102 Mohamad Amin Md Nor [SG]

103 Muhammad Haffiz Amin [SG]

104 Marinna Masjudi [SG]

105 Tan Li Kim @ Charlene [SG]

106 James Koh[SG]

107 Irene Tan Yin Fong [MAL]

108 Teo Chor Howe [SG]

109 Winston T. H. KOH[SG]

110 Maureen, Kah Jee Lee [SG]

111 Janet,Tah Kim Low [SG]

112 Rita Cheok [SG]

113 Cheang  Eng Kwee@Perry

114 Safiati Permadi [IND] [just read up on her. a SUPER FIT mum.] click here to read more about this inspiring mom.

115 Tey Kok Wee

116 Edi Yamin Bin Mohamad Nor [MAL]

117 Sau Han Tong [SG]

118 Gandhi Suppiah [MAL]

119 Jimmy Poh [SG]

120 Vincenzo Izzi  [ITL]

121 Marco Izzi [ITL]

122 Chee Siong Wan@Jerry [SG]

123 Joseph Jean Jacques Bruntz [FR]

124 Bertille Tillot [FR]

125 Joachim Lumbroso [FR]

126 Kheng Guan Siah [SG]

127 Tiong Chuan Ong [SG]

128 Md.Shariff Abdullah [SG] [none other than the Singapore Blade Runner !!!]

129 Fabian Billaud [FR]

130 Shirley Wee [SG]

131 Lai Kuan Khoo [MAL]

132 Tong Peng Kim Quay [MAL] [Orang kuat Pacesetters]

133 Vincent Casanova [FR]

134 Tan Wee Chin@Trish [SG]

135 Raymond Koh [SG]

136 Faisal Mustaffa [SG]

138 Sze Wan,Clara Ng [HK]

139 Paul Kent [AUS]

140 Goh Kheng Ning [MAL]

141 Muhammad Hilwan Mohamed Idrus [SG]

142 Fan Wai Hong@Alex [SG]

143 Lawrence Fung [MAL]

144 Lester Teh [MAL]

145 Esther Sim Yue Li [MAL]

146 Annie Ong [MAL]

147 Mathieu Leng [FR]

149 Tania Golingi [MAL]

150 Vitus Dennis [MAL]

151 Wolt Weterings  [NTH]

152 Dr.Helen Lasimbang [MAL]

153 Dr. Yun Haw Liaw [MAL]

154 Abdul Khaliq Abdul Samat  [SG] [a new friend from seberang !]

155 Iginitius Ghanni [MAL]

156 Somasundaram Singaram [MAL]

157 Lex Tsai [MAL]

158 Jeremy Tan Yong Chuen [SG]

159 Dina Tan 

160 Trish Tan Wee Chin [SG]

161 Wu Jiang Rong@Eric  [SG]

*names in red are ladies !!! Give it up for the XXs ! 🙂

Sabah is another game…!!!! Yikess ..Stupe and Bandit (Adventure category) are already in Sabah as I write this. I took care of everything stated in the mandatory check list for SAC.. headlight je tak jumpa ni.. headlight from Energizer Run last year. Tahun ni tak dapat..! Enough apparels and gears. Hopefully I don’t get extra charged for my luggage. I am sure I will meet many new friends in Sabah, apart from enjoying (i Really hope) the race, and scenic view. I even bought some Winnie The Pooh in case I meet and befriend any Sabahan kids. hehe.. Okayyylah, gtg………!


7 thoughts on “Sabah Adventure Challenge 2011 – Pt 1

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    1. yup///doing it now !!! banyak niehh !!!!

      Regards, Juliana Ali.

      Now it is established in the sciences that no knowledge is acquired save through the study of its causes and beginnings, if it has had causes and beginnings; nor completed except by knowledge of its accidents and accompanying essentials. -Ibn Sina-

  1. Hi Juliana! I’ll take some time to read your race report for Sabah. 🙂 So cool, did the kids like the Pooh bears? Very generous of you! And ya a triathlete wah! Take care!

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