Kenyir Lake International Triathlon 2011

Haha ! This is a teaser post for my maiden Kenyir Tri outing ! :p Really wish I can update it like NOW, but can’t. So much to tell and share !  Will update malam ni insyaAllah. To all finishers at Kenyir International Triathlon, Congratulations !


Waiting for the buggy at Kenyir Lake Resort


Enjoying the view of Kenyir lake day before race, and hours before it started pouring !!!


Go Pink !


: Swim 2 loops. Clean and clear water for the swim course. No current. Bike 1 loop. The bike course will begin with one climb of 500m, then 2 rolling hills, then there is a steep downhill of 1.2km after turning out the main road. After this, its flat until you reach the turning point. When you return, you will climb the 1.2km steep hill… 😉 There is another steep hill as you return to the transition area. Run 1 loop. The run course begin with 100m hill, then flat for 1km, then the big hill of 600m as you approach the Lake Kenyir Resort. After that, a downhill and 2 uphill as you approach to the main road. Then, 1km of climb up to the dam area. You will be running pass the beautiful scenery of the Kenyir Lake as you reach the finishing line.”]






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  1. Hello, i stumbled on your blog while searching for the results of the lake kenyir tri.. i wonder if you remember me, we met on the run leg of the tri, just thought I’d say hi and it was great meeting you!

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