Kejohanan BMX Kebangsaan – Sirkit 1 (National BMX Championship, Circuit 1)

It was a thrill to watch a BMX race, for the first time. And opportunity that I couldn’t miss especially when it comes to a sports that is ‘new’ for myself. If you have been following this blog, you might notice that I have covered for various sports events such as triathlon (this inlcluding my triathlon race reports), cycling (LTDL/ OCBC), duathlon and running. This time around, BMX ! I won’t write long so that you can jump straight to watching the video and view the photos. B.M.X [which stands for bicycle motor cross] has a history which went way back to the 1970s in California. Fast forward three decades later, this sports has made its stamp joining world ranking events such as the road, track and mountain event in Olympics. It was first featured in the Olympic in the 2008 games in China, and competed numerous times in UCI events.

Malaysia, not wanting to be left behind, seeing a potential in this sports is taking her initial steps to be recognized as BMX champion hub. The National BMX Championship 2011 (Kejohanan BMX Kebangsaan 2011) is an initiative by the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) and in collaboration with Persatuan Berbasikal Negeri Melaka, to expose this event to athletes and BMX enthusiasts alike. The championship is held at Taman Botanikal Ayer Keroh Melaka (near Crocodile Farm). The first circuit was successfully held last weekend (27/3/2011), and the next circuits on the 10th of April 2011 and 1st of May 2011. Circuit 1 results as follow :

Men Open

1. Norshahriel Haizat Mohd Nazali 44.76 Selangor

2. Muhammad Aim Mohd Fauzi 49.15 Pahang

3. Muhd Fareez Bahanuddin 54.11 Selangor

Men Junior

1. Mohd Raudhatul Razman 45.29 Melaka

2. Muhd Arif Jamaludin 46.57 Selangor

3. Muhd Irfan Yusop 48.38 Melaka


1. Nur Syuhaini Othman 55.00 Kedah

2. Mardiana Mohd Radzi 56.80 Kedah

3. Norsyahmira Anis Mohd Zaidi 1.01.78 Selangor

The 6th Asian BMX Championships and Asian Junior BMX Championships will be held in Sugian, China on the 18th and 19th May 2011. We’ll see if Malaysia will send its BMX team to the Far East this year. Stay tuned for more BMX news :p

p.s. and oh by the way, triathlon Malaysia was on TV yesterday. I ‘accidentally’ saw it on Kafe Arena Astro while flicking between 712,711 and 555. Eugene Chan and Ahmad Fakhruddin were on set to promote the coming Kenyir Lake International Triathlon. Yeehaaa… i was jumping in joy to see my friends’ faces on national TV. haha.. Anyways, more to come in the next post. Adios folks, and enjoy your weekend !

1 BMX by the 3
5 Helmets in da house !

Click on the link  below for more photos

p.s. i will be uploading another video from the championship end of this week. stay tuned ! leave a reply comment if you want any hi-res photos from the album. thank you !

Elite racers at UCI BMX Supercross Series World Cup. p.s. this is certainly not my photo. Grabbed in from BM Australia website...Just to get you guys tickled a bit. BMX is so definitely in !! :p

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  1. saya berminat dengan sukan ni, saya dan rakan2 sedang buat trek di johor bahru, nk kembangkan lagi sukan ni di Johor. mcm mana saya nk dapat kan sokongan dari pihak tertentu….

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