10 Reasons to come to Work Early

  1. You get the honour to switch on the lights (reminds me of my good old days at school. hihi..)
  2. You get to usher the cleaner in as she/he don’t have the office access card (a chance to meet new friends!)
  3. You get your own sweet time settling down at your desk (peaceful !)
  4. And yes, the right and luxury to FAST internet connection. Especially when you need to upload or download anything (i.e. a YouTube video)
  5. You get to impress your colleagues and bosses (the best easiest way. yeah, you bet.)
  6. You certainly have the upper hand when someone complains that you come late for work when by the fashionably sense you do come early. Only on that one or two occasions that you arrived a bit behind the clock that most people noticed
  7. You get to reply emails, have breakfast, update your blog and other domestic before starting your ‘real’ work
  8. You appear to be ‘longer’ at the office compared to your other colleagues even if you are the first to clock out !
  9. You don’t have to worry so much if your tie is OK, or if you have not smudged that lipstick on.You have ample of time to touch up after arriving 🙂
  10. You get your favourite parking spot , and if you don’t have a season card, you save a lot of $$ by parking using the coin slot machine. *parking nowadays is not cheap you might as well waste it on good food !!*
Hope this list helps !

Blogger at work. Di mana sahaja. No need to pay office rent. No clocking in or out. And that Run for Life T is from Nike. 🙂



2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to come to Work Early

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  1. haha.i laughed and smiled reading through this. couldn’t agree more kak Julie.

    i am one of the privileged few who get to sing while replying emails in the morning 🙂

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