Cubaan 2,3

I am doing it again. Blogging via phone and free wifi while getting my calf and hamstring pampered. Huhu.. Di mana dan bila masa (wherever and whenever) I feel like writing I will ! I haven’t been getting enough of rest lately; body mind and soul are screaming for a vacation. 8 hours was granted last night and I woke up feeling as if it was the longest sleep I had for a while. I need more rest but work and expectations keep piling up.

Training – currently increasing mileage for my event end of next month and in June. Oh yes, not forgetting Kenyir. It will be my first Kenyir outing. I hope I won’t bump into any weird looking fish in the lake ! I can still recall my solo open water swim in Tioman.. Bumped into this HUGE fish — light blue colored body with yellow circular dots,, Apa lagi, I swam a.s.a.p back to shore !! (as if d fish can’t catch up!! LOL).


I am happy to be getting more and more feedback from the readers and followers of this blog– especially those of you taking part in the KL Towerthon. To Zila, nice to chat with u tadi. FYI (in case you haven’t noticed) there is a chatbox app on the right column of the blog. Look for the Meebo chatbox. The button on the box will indicate my presence online. Green means that I am online and you can always type in the box to chat with me.


Gosh.. Its already Wednesday. Esok Khamis.. Lusa Jumaat. Then weekend ! I always look forward to weekends. I wonder how does the rest of Malaysians fill their weekends. Would be interesting to compare the sort of weekend activities that we do with other developing countries, and even developed companies. I don’t want to elaborate longer. When I was young-(ehem)-er, weekends is the time I get to chill at home, watch tv, play with my siblings, go riding or go out with mom. Boy I miss those days. Those days I would rollerskate/rollerblade around he house and sometimes taking my skills to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.. haha.. At the basketball court ! *inner child talking alert !!)

P.s. I’m thinking of getting a pair of rollerblades.. Dah lama gila tak main. Jom ?!



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    1. salam. thanks Ijam. will look into it !

      Regards, Juliana Ali.

      Now it is established in the sciences that no knowledge is acquired save through the study of its causes and beginnings, if it has had causes and beginnings; nor completed except by knowledge of its accidents and accompanying essentials. -Ibn Sina-

  1. Good luck for Kenyir next week… Jgn risaw, I dah jampi ikan Toman tu semua biar jgn kacau u. I da pesan, supaya ‘tarik’ u instead..;))

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