Bareno Run 2011 – a brief race report

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Some photos from the recent Bareno Run

It was the first (well sorta) reunion for all the ‘kaki lari’ of KL and within. Nice to see the UPNM boys as well as catching up with the others. Sofian, Yim and I ran in our sarong — in honour of the late Ngae. I ran as planned , which is to carefully pace myself not to run fast, too fast. And not too slow either. It is harder to slow down then to speed up and keep to that pace. Plus I had Ijam (thanks Ijam) keeping me company for at least the first 16km or so. The pace was slow at the beginning but it gradually picked up as we covered the distance. By 15km ++ Ijam began to pick up the pace and I let him go. I really wanted to pace myself slower this time. Plus the hills..Oooh, yummy, and something different compared to Bukit Tunku. Would be nice to have weekend long runs here.

Reminds me of those killa hills at Newton Run last year where I did 1hr 8mins for the 12 mucho hilly Ks (that’s an average of 5’43”/km pace), coming in 7th for Women Open. For Bareno half marathon, my time was 2hrs 14mins with the pace of 6’24”’pace. Placing, 33. Like it matters this time ! I really need to pace myself slower (and steadily for my future long runs). Just like when cycling uphills. I previously thought that spinning light and fast was the best — not realizing that another better way is to keep that heart rate steady, and ready to push it when cycling downhill ! That transition from going faster (not as fast as most of you!) to pacing slower is harder than I thought it would. Anyways, I was happy with my time and pace. I was telling myself, not bad, after all.

Thank you to all who commented and gave thumbs up for the sarong appearance ! 🙂 Frankly, it was hard for me to put it on after a few months not running in it. The last time was during the Mizuno Wave run last year in UPM. If worn (and tied) properly, memang kemas dan cantik. But at Bareno, I literally forgot how to tie it !!! Errk.. Only last weekend in Kuantan I ‘recalled’ how to tie it properly. I was travelling from KL to Kuantan to attend a wedding, and had to wear a sarong dress. The drive from KL was in a casual outfit (jeans and T). Sampai Kuantan, had to quickly change to the sarong dress…at….wait… the washroom in a petrol station !!! (didn’t wear it earlier coz I didn’t want it to crumple!) LOL. Cepat pulak pakai the sarong. Kemas pulak tuh !!! (kemas is Malay for neat). The end result :



Newly weds, Zahir and wife Zuhairah


With Zahir's younger brother. Clone !!!



To all who took part in the Bareno Run, congratulations ! Your race result here



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