Important note for Bareno 2011 Half marathoners. Do spread the info !


A few tips from missJeweLz :


1. Hydrate well. But don’t over hydrate to avoid bloating and cramping !

2. Pace yourself well. You don’t want to over exhaust yourself at the beginning – especially if this will be your first half marathon, or first time running the course. p.s. I heard Bareno will be hilly ! *slurrpp..*

3. Enjoy your run and don’t be too serious especially if you are not aiming for podium.

4. Even if you are aiming for a PB (Personal Best), don’t forget to say Hello! to your buds !

5. Do a warm up run 15mins before the race followed by light stretching especially for the legs. AVOID stretching cold muscles

6. Go to the loo early to avoid the long queue. Either wise a ‘pit stop’ in the middle of the run

7. Take it easy up the hill , maintain that heart rate ย [maintaining effort level is key].

8. Cruise down hill while ensuring shorter stride and that you land ‘softly’ on your mid foot . Avoid heel strike. If you see a patch of grass, run on it. Save the orcas, the whales, and yes, your knees !


I have shared some other tips for beginners doing the 10k at KL Marathon last year (which can also be benefited by runners from other categories). Click on this link to check it out !


Have a good run and see you there !! ๐Ÿ™‚ I might run in my batik sarong.


Bareno Run vest


IM Sofian at Standard Chartered Marathon. Sarong tribute for Ngae


The late Ngae Koh Hieng and Steve at A Famosa Triathlon 2008


missJewelz and Jason Thiang at Mizuno Wave Run last year




7 thoughts on “BARENO RUN 2011

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  1. hi there,

    I saw you and your sarong when you overtook me somewhere towards the end and i had a euphoric moment thinking abt how lovely an expression it was to run in your sarong,plus you had killer legs!!hahaha.By the way,dont suppose you know where I can get the official photos from the run?

    thanks and be well,

    1. Hi Naomi ! ๐Ÿ™‚ You should have said Hi! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was trying my best to take it easy as it was my first time doing a half marathon in a sarong not well wrapped around me. Plus the hydration bag.Killer legs? Thanks ! i wish it can be stronger !! official photos as far as i am concern should be coming from my ultra runner friend Tey Eng Tiong. his link here

      take care and have a beautiful weekend ahead !


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