Watch what you say..! Oh Galliano..


You know what it means when they say, think before you open your mouth ! Some of us have learnt the hard way in being careful with the things that we say, intentionally or not. So have I..while some haven’t. Galliano’s reputation as a fashion top designer crumbles.. Tsk…Tsk… [Galliano WAS the head of designers for the house of Christian Dior – just in case you don’t know lahh]


And what the rest are saying :

What is it like in Malaysia
While we are swallowed by our ignorance, prejudice still prevails whether we choose to believe it or not. I mean, like Duh! To go about our daily lives ‘ignoring’ the existence of this invisible chain shackle binding our minds will sooner or later be BAD for us. Free our minds we say, but from what? I am a free man! Are you, really? We (I mean some of us) have no patience to look into things. Touch and go as  the way of life until somewhere along the way something happens and bother us. Deeply. Or perhaps only issues like price hike in petrol, cigarette and tax are capable to stir us emotionally or otherwise.

Are we happy and merry people of Malaysia? Or let me put it more generally, are you happy for yourself and those around you? Thankful with what we have?  Do you put effort to learn from your past? Our past? Anyways...Something for us to think us while we are busy in our own little pigeon holes. Have a nice day you all. God Bless. 🙂

missjewelz and a cute lil boy performing for the side events at Le Tour de Langkawi last year (2010) at the Putrajaya-Genting stage.

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