missjewelz reaches the 200,000 mark !!!

I missed the 199,999 (hits) mark *while fast asleep last night* ! Woke up this morning to the Oscars (on E! where else) and to a 200,045 hits on my blog stats. While most of my fellow Malaysians are getting to work, I am sitting in awe right now to this milestone achieved by missJeweLz.wordpress.com.


“Where do we go from here?” –Martin Luther King

13 thoughts on “missjewelz reaches the 200,000 mark !!!

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    1. Ijam. u got a point there. i should celebrate with fellow subscribers and friends !

      Regards, Juliana Ali.

      Now it is established in the sciences that no knowledge is acquired save through the study of its causes and beginnings, if it has had causes and beginnings; nor completed except by knowledge of its accidents and accompanying essentials. -Ibn Sina-

    1. Haha !!! Hi Roarshade !! Thank you thank you πŸ™‚ and thank you for ‘owing’ up as a silent reader πŸ™‚ keeps me more motivated to keep on blogging. errr, roarshade as in rashid? hihi. ok, have a nice day you ! πŸ™‚ God Bless.

      Regards, missjewelz

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