Snaky run !

After 4 days of resting due to musculoskeletal pain over the coccyx (mtb punya pasal), I manage an hour run yesterday. I could have cut it short after it started drizzling and later heavier rain, but decided to continue as I haven’t got any mileage for this week. So an easy run in the evening. Guess what I bumped into …?! You guessed it.


Snake on the run. Or on loose?!


Snake got ran over lah ! (rasanye). I would be DEAD crazy to be taking a photo of an alive snake this close. Melompat jugak la masa tengah run tu. Ye la, tengah 'concentrate' kononnya.I even have a video --will upload later. *internet connection a bit sucky now...* hihi..


Happy and satisfied me that I finished the run safely. Been a while since I last ran in the rain. A good conditioning workout for me. (Blessing in disguise)


What other faunas(dead or alive) have you came across during your training/races ? I have came across wild dogs -> chased me UP hill at Batu Dam road, snakes – dead –> cycling at Perez and the run yesterday, monkeys – alive -> nearly got into trouble with a pack of them during a solo mtb outing in Kiara , and flattened dead monkeys (macam lempeng pisang pon ada..) masa kayuh kat Genting Sempah. Cow – alive ! –> during the mtb race last week , and seladang — alive–> standing still QUIETLY camouflaged by the darkness –>during a long ride from Karak-Kuantan with a training friend in 2008. I was only aware of the big mammal after I passed it. What about you? Any interesting experience you wanna share? 🙂



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  1. Dulu2 org tua2 cakap, kalu anak dara jumpa atau mimpi ular, maknanya ada orang nak masuk meminang… Jeng jeng jeng…;)

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