missjewelz at her 'workpress' station

Reading has always been an all time favourite, thanks to mom for rendering this useful interest in me. Starting with the proud collection of encyclopedia for children to the collection of Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys,  to Fear Street, Stephen King, Anne Rice then Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham. These writings not only entertain me, but they appeal to me in the way the stories are ‘depicted’. Brings your mind to the highest level of imagination creating the images and scene while you scan through the lines and pages. See how the wonder of words work? Other than reading : running, watching documentaries and biographies on tv, travelling, photography, eating, music and collecting postcard !

Owe it to mum, again, thanks mummy ! If it wasn’t for her encouragement, I never would have thought I’ll end up having a blog. Humm.. what else could I be doing if I was not constantly reading and writing? Maybe pass out due to chronic boredom? Nah, just kidding. During the snail mail era + early high school days, writing letters was the mode of communication between us. I write to her every week or two, and she writes back. Must admit mum has beautiful, neat and classically cursive writing compared to mine.I had penpals from various parts of the world. Mostly schoolmates who went back to their country after school and friends from different schools.
Must admit, it was THE mode of communication. Better than a simple 30c phone call at times. While classmates were busy cracking itc during prep time, I was at the back corner of the class (where I was seated) jotting down my masterpiece that will be mailed tomorrow morning. Every day after class, when I was in boarding, the mail box was THE pit stop. I made sure I ‘stop by’. Having an email account later on did not stop me from writing — but again, it’s different compared to the paper and pen. The touch and feel sense is missing. Blogging is the extension of my interest in reading and writing. It taps into the soul of one into another. Communication is thus, complete if you comprehend my lines. Though I am not the best (or anywhere near) blogger and writer round the ‘blogk’ (hey lookie lookie i just invented my own term..hahha), I have a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in the smallest things that I do — composing sentences and paragraphs for instance..

Life is short. Make the best of it. Surround yourself with merry people. Take each day at a time. And stop complaining too much. Learn to appreciate love, friendship and other things that you value most.

on MUSIC to her soul
Nothing beats and rhyme better than the sound of the ocean and waves crashing to the rocks on the sea side. I do take time off to visit the beach once in a while, sit atop of a big rock, facing the South China Sea, close my eyes and let the ocean remedy me. *jiwang siot..*

on her favourite THINGS
Currently, BATIK is one of my favourite 🙂 Not exactly sure how this ‘traditional’ bug caught me, but I think they are time-lasting piece of authentic art which needs to be preserved and lived. Check out my collection here in the photo below.

My humble batik collection
1) Blue batik pants which I got from Lumut during Powerman last year.
2) Blue batik dress from Batik house in Balok,Kuantan
3) Green dress with floral prints
4) Yellow-black oversized skirt from Batik house, Balok
5) Red batik dress with floral prints from the same Batik house
6) Patch style batik long skirt from Penang. Got it end of last year after the Penang Interstate ride

7) Traditional sarong lepas from Wisma PKNS, Shah Alam. Got it for the late Ngae Memorial Run Pacesetters in May last year. *ok, i think i can sorta figure out where I got the bug from.. must be Ngae..*

Cover girl posing with the Cycling 'truly' Asia magazine.
missjewelz and Jason Thiang at Mizuno Wave Run last year


missjewelz at the transition area before the race start at Ironman Langkawi 2009


p.s. looking forward to another post specially on batik !


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    1. wanblur : *terkejut kejap dapat comment pagi2 buta ni*. but hey, thanks for dropping by ! 🙂 janggal tuh la yg unique. nantikan the next posts. lagi gambar2 batik.hihihi..

    1. oh ya ke? tima kacih, tima kacih….!

      Regards, Juliana Ali.

      Now it is established in the sciences that no knowledge is acquired save through the study of its causes and beginnings, if it has had causes and beginnings; nor completed except by knowledge of its accidents and accompanying essentials. -Ibn Sina-

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