From afar

Falsampah hari ini :


” So I see a dim light flickering from afar.. Planning my little steps towards it. Will take time, some patience and dedication, but I am sure I will get there in time to see it glow brightly and beautifully from anear  “




Sunset captured --Tioman Island, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.



“In life everything happens for a reason… matter how trivial. We have a vision of what we would like to be or to have….that’s good. But being mortals and human our plans may be good or may not be good for us. If things doesn’t seem to go according to your plan, that’s because Allah has a better plan for us that will be apparent later on in our life. So we (incl. myself) must be thankful, keep on opening your hearts, do good, work hard, and pray hard too.”

-reply comment #1 to my quote from brother Onn Yusoff-


“Tu lilin nak padam kena tiup angin tu..” – reply comment #2 from McIjam


“Kalau kuat sangat padam,  slow sangat mati..inilah cabaran kehidupan Mr Ijam” – reply comment #3 from Onn Yusoff


*ok, sapa nak balas madah ni. dipersilakan !! just reply comment to this post 🙂


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