Tour de Langkawi Stage 2 report – Terengganu Pro-Asia Cycling Team

2nd day of TDL was hot and windy once again. 145.4 km stage from Kangar to Butterworth. There is no KOM points just 3 intermediate sprints at 32k, 83k and 111k mark.

After about 15k into the stage, 2 riders from Champion System and Suren cycling team went away on a long brave break away attempt. The peloton was happy to let the yellow jersey team Farnese Vini take control on the front. The pace was relatively slow just averaging above 40kph. The gap grew to a maximum 6 minutes before start coming down. With 2 break away riders taking the 1st and 2nd on all 3 intermediate sprints, Terengganu Pro-Asia riders Anuar and Harrif fought with the race leader Andrea Guardini toe to toe for 3rd placing and 2 bounces points for all 3 intermediate sprints. With the help of TSG teammates Anuar winning 2 out of 3 and equaling the total points standing by end of 3rd sprint. The peloton caught the 2 escapees shortly after the last intermediate sprint. The peloton was setting up for bunch sprint. The last 5km was almost dead straight, many teams were trying to set up their train for the sprint. The speed was averaging around 60kph, the high speed and teams fighting for best position resulted in 2 major crashes in the last 1km. Yukiya of Europcar was clipped in the last 200 meters to the finish and landed hard on his head and face. The yellow jersey once again managed to cross the line 1st with Anuar in toll finishing 3rd. Anuar’s podium placing and added bonus time, he is now 2nd overall in the GC and leading the Asian jersey classification.

Danny Feng
Pro Asia Sports Management
Terengganu Pro-Asia Cycling Team



Andrea Guardini (FAR), Boris Shpilevsky (TPT) and Anuar Manan (TSG) - podium finish at Stage 2 #1,2 and 3 respectively.

Andrea Guardini (FAR), Boris Shpilevsky (TPT) and Anuar Manan (TSG) - podium finish at Stage 2 #1,2 and 3 respectively. Andrea Guardini Anuar Manan is ranked #1 for Asian Rider stage and #2 for General Classification after Andrea Guardini #1 while Boris (TPT) ranked #5 . Boris Shpilevsky is the only rider from Russia for LTDL 2011.


Anuar Manan - media conference after coming 3rd at the finish line of stage 2 from Kangar- Butterworth (145km). Stage 1 was held in Langkawi : Dataran Helang - Pekan Kuah (94.3km)




Tour de Langkawi Stage 1 report – Terengganu Pro-Asia Cycling Team

Terengganu Pro Asia Professional Cycling Team


*more photos from stage 1 and stage 2 will be uploaded later. Will also quote FB links/album where you can view more photos from LTDL 2011. Stayed tuned ! missjewelz nak siap pi kerja le… hihi. 🙂


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