Ironman Langkawi 2011 Updates


You didn't hear it from me !! It's from the news !! 🙂 Mixed feeling about this. Malaysia the not-so-empty- CAN Land. We triathletes need QUALITY over quantity. It is as if they were never sufficiently funded before this. Well, good luck organizer in making this THE event of the year a WORLD CLASS. No more sorok Powerbar gel boxes in lorries and no more tank water in drums which will cause diarrhea or DNF for your participants - elite athletes (i.e. LukeMcKenzie who DNFed last year) or not. Whatever it is, missjewelz supports Ironman Langkawi. And I hope you do too. Now, spread this news. Gracias.

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  1. Yup, I saw this yesterday. Doesn’t sit quite well with my racing plan, travel plan and financial plan hehe. But if it’s really on, would do some serious thinking.

  2. Mmmmm, interesting! I’d go just for the hell of it although I’ve entered Ironman China on May 29th. What about you Julie – would do or would not?

    1. Simon, definitely ONCE they open the online registration ! Looks like I have to squeeze this in between 2 BIG events I have registered and taking part in April and June this year 🙂


    1. anaklangkawi

      apa laman web dia eh.. ?
      saya teringin nak join tapi xtau camner..
      camner nak register?
      ada register online ?
      dan berapa kena bayar untuk register ?

  3. hello,
    im new here.
    can u all help me ?
    i dont know how to register ironman.
    it my 1st time i want join ironman.
    hope u all can help me.

    1. salam. Hi Najib. Ironman Langkawi is not confirmed. And their website is currently down. We all just have to wait until any official statements are made. In TV yesterday, it is said that there is no finalization as to when and where Ironman Malaysia will be held. Hope this help.

      Mean time, you can always sign up and train for Sprint or Olympic Distance events locally., Just head on to

      Thank you !


  4. Finally god is great as IM Langkawi is cancel. Hopefully the organizer realize what they have done to the people of Langkawi, they cheat owe them money and act like gangster. They think they come from KL and they can do what ever they like in Langkawi. No they wrong the gods is always right and in matter of time, day and years they will go down . Especially CK is the realy bastard

  5. I find it sad that Ironman Langkawi is not on at the moment. It was my first Ironman veent ever and I have very fond memories. Since then, I have finished several Ironman races and I still believe that Ironman Langkawi at least then, was very well organized. I am looking forward to joj a race over there in the near future.

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