Urgent : Donation for Blood group B urgently needed

Dear All, 

We need your support for a good deed.

Please be informed that SJMC hospital, Selangor is requiring for a blood donation specifically for the B,B+ & B- group urgently tomorrow,11/1/11 for an open heart surgery.
However, you may need to go today,10/1/11 before 5.00pm to the hospital to test your blood in order to match for the surgery.

SJMC requires 12nos of people for the surgery which will be conducted tomorrow , 11/1/11,currently, they have 7 – 8 of them only.Thus, we need the balance
of 4 or more people for the surgery due to the demand for this particular blood group.

Kindly refer further detail as follows:-

Name of Patient             : Mr.Jeffrey Anthony

Surgery                             : Open – Heart surgery

Date                            : 11/1/2011

Time                            : 8.30am

Hospital                                   : SJMC, Selangor.

Doctor’s Name                      : Dato Dr.Rozali

Contact Person Incharge    : Mr.Steven Ng (BEC Leader of Guadalupe Church) – H/P:012-3073490 or Ms.Shirley De Cruz ,H/P:016-2208547

Sorry for the short notice as we have been campaigning through family, friends and relatives.The patient is from Guadalupe Church in Puchong,Selangor.

P/S: SJMC hospital, Selangor will provide the necessary time slip or letter to be presented to your respective organization, thus, please do not take annual leave for this help and
you may contact the person incharge to direct you on the procedure.

Lastly, those who have the “B” blood group please come forward to help this man for his surgery, after all it will be a great blessing to you and your family for your act of kindness to   save a life.

Thank you.

Suzanna De Cruz
h/p no:012-6937580

FYI, Suzanna dr Cruz was missjewelz’s school mate and friend. Kindly forward this message to all friends. God Bless !


6 thoughts on “Urgent : Donation for Blood group B urgently needed

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  1. FYI. Only young and healthy individual can donate blood. People above 60 (in some hospital above 55) are eligible to donate. Pls check this out before going to SMJC.

    (I suppose senior citizen’s blood are all “expired” – not fit for transfusion…..)

      1. No messege(s) received from you. BTW what is YM (tak berapa celik IT). Happy New Year to You too. May your new New Year resolution format works better.

        After PBIM (i.e. 2 weeks after that) I ran the Standard Chartered Spore Marathon (last minute replacement runner for one Ting Pei Kee who backed out). My 2nd Full marathon. I enjoyed the run, improved my timing by 5 mins.

        Good luck.

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