Unlike the previous couple of years where I place and renew annual resolutions, this year will be a bit different. I just wish for a happier new year for myself,my loved ones and friends. My life as I really want it to be is in quality and not assessed by numbers and quantity. I may live a full 3 decade this time next year (insyaAllah) but its nothing compared to the few minutes and seconds spent with those dear to my heart, with close friends and also those evenings watching sunset by the sea. These are the kind of moments that leave prolong impact in my life. A simple hug from mom, a short text message from my sister or a few minutes on the phone with my younger brother (who the family calls abang as he is the eldest son) is enough to make my day happy.


Artificial material happiness that some people seek and choose to live in — well its their choice –while effective (in achieving some level of happiness) I find them short-lived. As far as my faith is concern, I get to live my earthly life just once. This IS the place and time to live a purposive and meaningful life. While some of choose to seek a normal life some of us are comfortable,in our own way,doing things according to our needs and desire without caring less about anything else- a far-cry from the so called ‘norm’ that bind and regulates our thoughts processes and values.


Don’t get me wrong here. I respect those who are positively and constructively confident and brave to be different, to stand out, and most importantly unafraid to live by what they truly believe in, and sticking to the values dear to them be it moral,social or religious.


As much as our lives are and significantly meaningful individually, its the common and shared venues of life which makes our time here most meaningful.


2011 — I will spend my last year as a 20 something woman as a happy and content one. Hey, I wish the same for all of you reading this – no matter how old you are 🙂 missJeweLz supports a happier and healthier life for all of you. 🙂 please do pray for my happiness too ! 🙂


On a more personal note :- I sincerely thank all of you who have walked pass and with me and contributed in making my life more meaningful. 🙂 I won’t be able to list down all your names here as there will be simply too many ! You know who you are (I hope!). Same goes to those who have effortlessly made me mad& or cranky at times, thank you for testing me – I realize,I am so much so, still a human. Who needs regular reminding- to be more patient, wise and thoughtful.


I am a lady who is romantically and historically attached to her happier moments,present or past. I move on with my life pace but I do not forget to look back at those years spent in moulding and building this soul called Juliana Ali. This Juliana who at her best will flash a smile at ya – who at times do think deeply retroperspectively and otherwise. 🙂 happy 2011 folks. God Bless.

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The girl who didn't refuse to grow up

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