Jubilant : Malaysia 3 – 0 win over Indonesia (AFF Suzuki Cup 2010)

I am not a recent follower of Malaysia football scene nor am I an enthusiast Man U or English League. But with all the hype from the Malaysia 3-0 bashing over opponent team Indonesia, I must say that I am really proud of the Malaysia Team ‘Harimau Muda’. Harimau (pronounced hur-y-mao) is Malay for tiger and Muda (moo-da) basically means young. I used to watch football matches as a young girl (huge supporter of Pahang team yo.), but that was long time ago, in the 90s.  Zaman Alan Davidson, Zainal Abidin, Dollah Salleh,Fandi Ahmad).  Stadium Makmur, Stadium Merdeka — I remember the days as a kid watching my favourite team on the pitch.


Jersey kuning hitam with a matching cap — together with family members. I missed those days. Now I do not have any favourite team (at state level), but with the rise of  Harimau Muda, well, it’s time to give full support to our footballers. Couldn’t help a grin to myself as I listened to the radio DJ on FlyFM chatting with listeners about THE long awaited game last night at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. Just one thing about Malaysian football (and the whole sports scene actually) , we should stop taking ministers or whoever already politically connected to hold vital post in any sports association. Stop these courtesy calls for ‘unfit’ candidates for the crucial position. Unless, if, they are reliable and sports-credible+wise ! All the best to the Harimau Muda for the 2nd leg of the semi-final happening in Indonesia !


SAFEE Sali (kiri) merembat bola tepat ke gawang gol selepas menerima hantaran daripada Norshahrul Idlan Talaha (tiada dalam gambar) pada perlawanan akhir pertama Piala Suzuki AFF di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, malam tadi. – AP

The Squad

Ketua Jurulatih: K. Rajagobal
Penolong Jurulatih: Tan Cheng Hoe
Jurulatih Penjaga Gol: Mohd Faozi Mukhlas


Penjaga Gol
1. Khairul Fahmi Che Mat (Kelantan)
2. Sharbinee Allawee (Terengganu)

3. Mahalli Jasuli (Harimau Muda)
4. Mohd Razman Roslan (Selangor)
5. Mohd Sabre Mat Abu (Kedah)
6. Khairul Helmi Johari (Kedah)
7. Mohd Fadhli Mohd Shas (Harimau Muda)

8. Mohammad Muslim Ahmad (Harimau Muda)
9. Mohd Asrarudin Putra (Selangor)
10. Mohd Faizal Mohammad (Harimau Muda)

11. Mohd Amri Yahyah (Selangor)
12. Amar Rohidan (Perlis)
13. Safiq Rahim (Selangor)
14. Kunanlan Subramaniam (Negri Sembilan)
15. Mohd Ashaari Samsudin (Terengganu)

16. Khyril Muhymeen Zambri (Kedah)
17. Gurusamy Govandar Kandasamy (Harimau Muda)
18. Mohd Amirulhadi Zainal (Selangor)

19. Safee Sali (Selangor)
20. Norshahrul Idlan Talaha (Kelantan)
21. Izzaq Faris Ramlan (Harimau Muda
22. Mohd Faizal Abu Bakar (Kedah)


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