Merry Christmas !


missjewelz wishes all her Christian friends, readers and fellow bloggers a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS !




Health Talk


I just gave a health talk at my work place, today. First time ! Nervous as I haven’t spoken in front of a large crowd for a long time. It went well (Thank God !) except that maybe I was a little bit fast with the pace as I didn’t want to hold back the workers too long (shift workers had to stay back). First part was covered by my colleague who explained to the worker on health insurance claim — and how it has increased way too much in the recent months. Simply hows the health status of the workers , and their health awareness. Question : How can we be aware if there are no reinforcement in form facts, statistics and health campaign – just to mention a few. So that is basically my role as the presenter. The few years spent as a medical student (i switched to psychology) didn’t go to waste as I began to appreciate more about health, more than before — now in its actual reality. So it felt good to be talking and sharing with the workers on the aspects of health which most of them (AND us) take for granted. From our daily routine, eating habit, time and stress management etc. The talk is part of a 6 series talk ( i have to do it 6 times) for the various departments in the company..*heavy but very honourable task given to me*.


If there is one gift that I would really love most, it would be the gift of health. Thing is, we ARE the living proof of that gift. We get good health ONLY if we take good care of it.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Healthier New Year (body, mind and soul). Amen.


Even if we were born perfect AND healthy, this it won’t stay with us if we do not take care of our health ; be it physical, mental, spiritual or social health. All have to be balanced accordingly. The talk also gave me the excuse to look into the latest statistics of Malaysians’ health status – both physical and health status. Rather interesting. Most of the diseases are related to our LIFESTYLE. Yes genetic plays a role – BUT is it only one of the risk factors. Take a step back and look on how we live our daily lives. Take another step back and observe those closest to you. Your family. I said to the workers during the talk, that those of us who do not care about our own health are simply selfish. Why ? I said , when we get sick, we do not only affect ourselves but those around us, primarily our family members.

Hopefully this festive season ( both Christmas and New Year) will be a reason and motivation for us to be more healthy, merry and strong — so that next year we will still be able to spend Christmas and New Year with our loved ones, once again. Love yourself, love your body, love your mind, love your soul. It is a way to show that you LOVE those around you. So, be healthy ! Yours in health; missjewelz.


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