Sleeping Animals !

As random as this post may be, I Google-d ‘sleeping animals’ and found a vast collection of cute photos of our mammals counterparts . I have selected a few for your viewing (except for one photo of sleeping frog)’ . And again, random, googled ‘sleeping prime minister’. LOL. But let’s not be mean here. Sleep is part of our biological and natural state, and we (obviously) need it ! Before I blabber on, do check out the photos below !


Sleeping Corgi


Mama and baby cat. Adorable !!
Sleeping frog. 🙂
Sleeping Pig
Sleeping Gorilla 🙂
Sleeping Monkey

They all look cute(and safe) sleeping.  Innocent.  Harmless (as they sleep). Innocent.At ease. But if the sleeping monkey wakes up and you turn on the WRONG button , you’ll get an angry monkey !


Check out those sharp teeth !



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