Knowing Your Body Better :)

I had 2 days of back to back training (intervals on Friday, and ride on Saturday (84km). No concrete plans for today (Sunday), perhaps an EASY run, or swim. Went for yam char with friends last night and they convinced me to take part in a 7km cross-country race happening this morning. After giving it some ‘deep’ though, I told them ‘OK, I am in.’. Went back and prepared my gears only to wake up (later than I was suppose to) this morning and deciding (that) that I should call the thought of racing off. I just remembered I did an 84km the day before (not forgetting the hills), and SHOULD by right give the legs some rest. It is only a 7km off road race, but I can’t imagine the condition of the course as it rained the WHOLE day here in the East Coast. (yup, cycled in the rain yesterday, but it was fun alright) .My friends told me last night that I can easily get top placing if I were to enter as there are not many competitors here (oh really..?)..

Race gears for a race yang tak jadi pergi !! hihihi.


By choice, I can always choose to take part, win some big cash (#1 gets RM1500, and cash prize for top 10 lady finishers). Sapa tak nak RM1500 kan ? In fact, a couple of years ago I ran a Sime Darby 7k run (organized to promote a new development project). Tahu pasal event tuh pon by coincidence (Jason Thiang I owe you one). So join je la kan coz I did not have anything plan for that day, and the day before I didn’t do any hard work out. Lari buta-buta, and was surprised to find the marshall motorbike escorting me..haha.. I was leading the Women Open category. Finished the run, and was announced winner,AND a happy recipient of RM1000. Cash. hihi.. Easy win. NOTHING compared to Perhentian Island Challenge 2008 where my team ‘STARKST’ came in 2nd for Mixed Elite category (Badrol (Navy) my team mate and I won RM1250 each).


Tapi badan ni kalau tak jaga, money can’t buy back la. It’s not about the winning or glory, well at least for me. Doing sports as a passion, and hobby ! So, while we’re still at it, please take care of your body. Be more intellectual in your approach understanding your body, (i.e. go by system – cardiovascular, musculo-sketelal, physiology, neuromuscular ). There are plenty of websites out there where you can source reliable reading and info. And not to forget fitness/health/sports magazines which you can read to get some comprehension of what constitutes our body etc. Blind following is the last thing I want to do, especially in sports. Plus, one thing practiced by one person (or a group) does not necessarily apply to you though some ‘norms’ practiced, are actually better i.e. a fast transition to better your timing, a good build up program for your training, tapering etc. Why bother to read when you can just apply what is practiced (and proven to work) by others? Well, it might, or might not work for you.


Your ability/capability might be different from others. Your current/past medical history — also counts in [i.e. history of plantar fascitis/knee injury does not encourage you to wear that Vibram 5 Fingers , but still you insist. Because its the IN thing now(hey no offense to Vibram lovers) , and that you can run faster?]. Maybe yes, but on the long run, well , you have to wait to see what happens to your plantar fascia/knee cartilage. patella maltrekking. 🙂 Holier-than-thou attitude does not last long in sports as you can see, well, easily through one’s performance in the events that he/she takes part, and whether that person has any injury/setbacks after being oh-so-holy. So again, know your body well. I am not clever or smarter than any of you reading this piece of writing. Just sharing my personal thoughts of how I choose and decide the races/training that I plan to do. You can share yours too by replying to this post. 🙂



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Jatuh lepas mountain bike kat Kiara




P.S.  — I did not know that next Tuesday is a Public Holiday ! Ancient betul la aku ni…ih ih ih…!

Baru tahu tadi. Thanks Reminder.


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