The Old ( Remember This ? ) and The New

Do you have any classics or oldies that you love to hum to ? Or jump upon listening it on the radio ? 🙂 I have plenty ! Some old songs which I listen to are not even the original version and have been covered by other artist. I.e. the ever famous folks song ‘House of Rising Sun’ – made famous by The Platters , and ‘Sunny’- made famous by Cher and Boney M. Below are some music videos , my selection, my pick, for you, hoping that it can bring back some memories to you ehem, younger days. hhaha.. I have also included the later, or latest, cover for some of the old songs. So click to play em, and see which one is nicer ! The list in sequence :-



This happened to be my second Platter’s favourite after Twilight Time 🙂


The cover version by TRAIN (2010), if you have heard it:-


Next up, is SUNNY 🙂 Song by Bobby Hebb, made famous non other than James Brown, godfather of soul, and Boney M. (godfamily of disco ?! ) (1976). Not to forget Cher (1966) ! The cover by Boney M never fails to bring back the memory of my childhood. I was already thump thumping and nodding my head nearly 2 decades ago (ok, that is so recent to some of ya) on my way to school. 🙂 Initially I thought ‘Sunny’ was ‘Salleh’. haha.. anyways, dance if you have to Sunny okay !! 🙂



Next , ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’, written wayyy back in 1926, and was made famous by King of Rock n Roll in 1960, especially the ‘laughing’ version. Earlier covers include tenor Henry Burr 🙂 And latest cover by Norah Jones 🙂 Getting excited to listen to the ‘evolution’ of this song ? Go ahead and click the music videos below !


This next one is a folk song called ‘House of the Rising Sun’. Familiar? yes? no? I love particularly the cover by english rock group The Animals in 1964 and Gregory Isaacs For those of you who have some ragga riddim , I bet you’ll enjoy Gregory Isaac’s version !




The last one here is the reason I decided to come up with this post 🙂 Thank to Dirty Dancing (the movie) [R.I.P. Patrick Swayze]and Black Eyed Peas (one of the current bands that I listen to).


Can’t embed the video from YouTube, so here , the link ! Do, do dooo click on it ! 🙂


and the latest more upbeat cover by  B.E.P. ! 🙂



OKIE DOKIE, missjewelz signing off !!! Hope you have enjoyed my selections ! hihi.


i i .i ...i i i had the time of my l l li i life... and i never felt this way before fore ore..fore.. and i swear swear.. this is tru u u ue.. -- HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND FOLKS !



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