Powerman Malaysia 2010 – A Race Report


I have never had a more analytical race than this year’s Powerman Malaysia, thanks to the 2 duathlon clinic sessions by World I.P.A. #1 Camilla Lindholm, my own observation and readings. Preparation and strategy wise, not so good though. But I must say, the long rest I have taken (of not putting unnecessary last-minute training, coupled with a very good sports massage session with Kak Salina (thanks Kak !!) really helped me to cross the finish at this year’s must-DU POWERMAN MALAYSIA.


11km run – 64km bike – 10km run



 14 November 2010 (Sun)
Sri Manjung, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.



I must say, one of the least prepared Powerman. Been busy with work AND travel. I lost count the number of times I have travelled back an forth I have travelled to and from the East Coast – Klang Valley. However, the few key races I have done the past couple of months to Powerman have served as a strong base for my endurance and fitness. These races/events include ;


The few key sessions which I manage to do in preparation for Powerman, considering that I had to really squeeze in my time for training and the fact that I was trying to ‘adapt’ training for a duathlon in a town I don’t normally train at :

(not arranged in sequence/importance. all are equallysignificant). I have also included the time of the day I trained(AM/PM)

2 run-bike-run-bike-run session (AM/ PM)

A couple of short runs per week (PM)

1 brick session at Putrajaya (PM) 1 5km run in Kuantan (PM)

1 26K bike in Kuantan (PM) Ample of makan(eat) and rehat(rest) [AM to PM]

A few stretching sessions post work out









It was my first time this year to drive to Manjung. The past 2 years I had friends driving for me/carpool with friends. First time was with Upiq, Kam and the gang and second time around with someone volunteered to drive. Believe me, it was quite and adventure for me to be driving using the coastal road, passing Kuala Selangor. So in a way, it was a good thing I skipped the highway, which, actually, was the initial chosen route. My first time trying mentarang , a type of seafood, and first time realizing there is actually sawah padi (paddy field) in Selangor (Selangor is a state in Malaysia).


The road condition is much better than a few other trunk/old roads in Malaysia. Most of the way were only 2 lanes, but they were wide. No traffic, beautiful scenery along the way, and endless agriculture plantations on either side of the road ; from palm, rubber to coconut plantations. A couple of time had to slow down to give way to the most demanded 4 legged mammal in the world (i guess…) the lembu ! (cow).


Company was great and proved helpful in introducing me the various cycling routes popular along our way to Manjung, including a downhill spot, a few beautiful temples, a firefly (kelip-kelip) farm , (and as I write this) a Kampung Kuantan in Kuala Selangor, and a historic hill in Kuala Selangor called Bukit Melawati (bukit is Malay for hill).


Reached Manjung around 2pm, checked in the hotel, had lunch with Azmar, Rahim, Jamil , Panjang ( a national cyclist) and my company for the journey from KL — Adik Fitri. Adik Fitri took part in the Sprint Duathlon. I had rice, chicken, some veg and the left over mentarang bakar (apparently its also known as ‘duck mouth clam’, as a blog mentioned it. Correct me if I am wrong.



Dinner was Kentucky Fried Chicken. Had a good 10 minutes(++) in the queue, going through the nutrition chart. I have heard that certain part of a chicken has different nutrition levels. i.e. The breast and thigh prts of the chicken has higher fat content compared to other parts. Take a look here if you care to know !! >> KFC nutrition guide <<. The initial idea of having KFC was Azmar my training buddy. But since he is having dinner at the KFC somewhere else, me and my roomies; Shah, Fairul and Adik Fitri , had ours at KFC Lumut. We all studied the guide and chose the chicken parts accordingly !!! >> part with lower/est fat and high in carb and protein. Dinner plate came with mash potatoe and coselaw, and ice lemon tea.



Did a quick gear set up before sleep. Slept (a lil bit late..) around 11.30pm. I had a traditional Chinese Salon Pas-like sheet pasted at the back of of both calves. I was a little bit nervous as I have been ‘too’ relaxed furing my Powerman preparation. All that is left is some minor tweaks and some mental preparation of how I would survive this race. Downed 2 glasses of water with ORS and then slept.Was up by 5am. Took 2 pieces of bread , soy milk and some water. I don’t remember taking a Powerbar. Plus I didn’t want to overload before a race or else I will have to give up a couple of minutes later (during the race) to download !!


 By 7am I was at the transition area, and was in bit of rush to do a warm up. Did around 2 loops of slow run around the track, where I met other fellow duathletes; Hamid, Nik Fahusnaza, IIU X Team who made their Powerman Malaysia debut ! >> Abe, Ikhwan, Adib and Arif, and many more familiar faces. It was a cool morning. It rained night before..! Ariff was right about the weather prediction. This was the first time it rained and is cool before a race start here in Seri Manjung !



 I must have psyched myself enough before the race that I didn’t join the usual gang for hoohaa and photo session before the race. I was ‘serious’ (or rather , anxious) with the warm up run and stretch. I did my stretching just a few minutes before gun off. I know my muscles were not relaxed, thanks to the drive from KL, and from Kuantan a couple of days before. Calf felt TIGHT , and I could almost sense that the ITB and hamstring has the same thing going. OH NO.

While everyone (so i suppose) was waiting for the start, I was trying to focus on my strategy for the race. 1- Take it wasy on the first run. Doesn’t matter if the run time is not as fast as my best 1st leg run. 2- Don’t hammer on the bike (exactly how would be determined on the race course itself..) , 3- a QUICK transition. I have been leading in my age group for the past 2 years in having 1 of the shortest transition time, and 4- pick up the pace on run 2 (3rd leg).



 2 loops of run , each 5.5.km. Was mostly pacing with Nik Fahusnaza, and Kam. Jason Thiang and Malaysia IM veteran sifu, IM Razani Hussein pulled out early even before the first run was complete due to injury. Razani has an on going calf injury. Jason; I can’t remember exactly which part of his leg was in pain.. I kept a 6 minutes pace throughout the run, thanks to Nik ! I was nervous to push any faster pace coz I felt a sharp pain at the ITB insertion on the lateral side of my knee. Not once. But twice. One time on the right knee, one time on the left. Dear readers, I was EXTREMELY worried. Just kep to the pace and soften the foot landing.

Didn’t dare to stride and stuck to a small to medium stride. My engine takes a little while to warm up I guess. Everything went fine after the first lap. Ariff, Fadil and AJ was running at a faster pace and was no where in sight as I ran into my first lap. Zaki Erin from Team Ombak was also ahead. I knew where I would head to if I were to pace up with them. So I didn’t bother. I was more than perfectly fine with the pace. As I was nearing the end of the 1st run, I had to drop my pacer, and went ahead for transition.


Transition was quick. Didn’t tie the shoes to the bike, or else I would be running across the wet field barefoot. Since my first run was slow , I had to pass the traffic at bike out ! Zigzagged my way through , what else !!! But managed to munch 1/2 a banana before I went out !



 Nothing too exciting on the bike course, especially on the first lap. I was spinning for 15 minutes before cranking it up a bit. Here was where I went wrong ; I did what I don’t normally do during training. And this spurred due to the anxiety of not letting myself downfor the race. Wrong move, and well, was proven wrong ! I NORMALLY would cadence during training. Never really practised heavy cranking and low cadence. But since that was what I chose to do on the course, it proved that the strategy was wrong..! at least for me. And on why I reacted that way was that sharp ITB pain i felt. I didnt’t want to stress the ITB or hamstring further by doing a my normal medium-high cadence. That was my rational.


A national/pro cyclist later told me just the exact, that I should not have done the ‘heavy’ crank. Should have just focused on pedalling and spinning smoothly. I had no regrets (except for the near-poor bike time) as I knew that my legs were okay, and was ready to wallop it on the second run. Booya.


‘The’ bridge didn’t pose as much ‘threat’ than the years before and actually enjoyed it. Fadil, Arif, Zaki was well ahead. And again, NO to trying to catch anyone ahead of me. (that’s me trying to sound competitive lahh). As for the ladies in my category, I passed a couple, and a few couple passed me. But it was all steady aftter the first loop. Nobody over took me. I caught a few duathletes ‘drafting’. I just had to make sure I stayed away from the person ahead of me, and overtake in time ! The last quarter of the bike felt quite long .. ! And at times felt bored..bila la nak sampai nie…!

 Into T2, again a quick transition.. fumbled a bit with the lock lace.. too tight pulak ! And off I went !!!



 Felt more energetic as I started my second run. Found myself overtaking people after the 1st kilometer. I overtook Arif and Fadil before the 1st half of the first loop. Saw a couple of guys walking, and trying to stretch off a cramp. Weather was still good and bearable even the sunshine (and heat) was gradually increasing. I left my cap at the hotel.dang…but its ok..think positive.. aero kot !!!! hahahha.. first lap went fine, and second lap was where all the drama began. Opened stride and was in cruise control. Followed Camilla’s tips — of running under the shades, and controlling the electrolytes/calories during the run. A bit wiser now. NO CRAMP. NO BLOATING. NO PEE STOP. Yippee. Overtook a lot of guys. Ladies were as strong, or stronger. Overtook Lydia, at one of the water station.

Here’s one strategy which stuck to me throughout my years of running ; if you do/don’t get bored during a race and want to find a way to keep UP the pace, count the street lamp post. My strategy ; run fast pass 3 street lamps, and slow-medium past 2. And when I felt that I could go on, pass 4 street lamps fast, and 2 slow. I felt faster, and was more than happy to hold the pace. I passed Hamid, AJ, and a few others who was ahead of me during the first run. I passed Fairul and cheered him. He was into his second lap.



Finishing any race SHOULD be interesting and fun. This race is dedicated to Ngae, as it was here where Ngae and I, both finished together, for the first and last time, at his last ever Powerman.. I totally forgot about wearing sarong for the second run, and was only alerted of it when Paul Lee sent me a message about it. I was already on my way to Manjung when I read your message Paul. But thanks , and let us keep on inspiring those who are meaningful to our lives.

I gave it a strong finish. But I know, in my heart, (sorry yekk kalau bunyi mcm jiwang), that this is only the start.This was the first time ever I pushed myself during a race. Usual — ‘take it easy’..last Sunday I was pushing it a bit on the second run. Never felt that good and worthwhile though it was only the last few kilometres that I started to run faster, and holding it. A friend commented I was like turbo on the second run ! haha.. thanks !!




2008 00:54:55 00:01:03 02:02:08 00:01:13 01:00:14 03:59:37
2009 01:02:00   02:06:00   01:09 04:21:00
2010 1:01:36 00:01:13 02:07:11 00:01:24 00:58:24 04:09:46


missJeweLz little analysis on her 2010 results :-

1) RUN 1- Pace 5.36. Not my slowest run split..! *phew..*. can do better next ! sub 1 hour like 2008 !


2) Ranked #1 for both T1 and T2 …! haha… transition is important ! Unless you’re fast, a slightly longer transition will do no harm :)3) Bike split : sadly, this year is my slowest bike split. 2:07:11 on the bike.. averaging at 30.9km/h…

4 ) T2- Not bad considering the fumbling with the locklace. Next year target bawah 1 minit (sub 1 min)

5) RUN 2 – haha..a good news at last !! my best RUN 2 split !!! (must be the slow bike..)

6) Overall time – slashed around 12 minutes from my 2009 timing. A good sign.

7) Ranking for my age group : 4 !! 3 notches up from last year’s ranking

8) To work on for next year : a sub 1 hour RUN 1 (Julie – you can do it !), 2 hours or less BIKE split ( Julie- YOU CAN !) , a sub 58mins RUN 2- (Julie- you can !!!) !

8) Not my first time being in the top 10 for my age group. But this year, #4 placing 🙂 gotta work harder for next year !!

7) it gets more competitive when you move up the age group ladder !!!! I have 1 year left in the 20-29 age group (GOSH I FEEL ‘YOUNG’!)

 8) THE GOOD WEATHER WAS ONE OF THE KEY FACTORS OF THE MANY PBs ACHIEVED AT THE RECENT POWERMAN. IT WAS NOT HOT LIKE LAST YEAR. cool in the morning, cloudy around10am, and it actually drizzled a bit during the bike leg. it only started to get hotter during the second run. but it was nothing. All in all, weather was merciful !!!




Strategy revision and race key points to be highlighted (for myself)


  • TRY to avoid doing the things that I do not normally do during training
  • KEY SESSIONS (i.e. the brick ) ARE important. No point putting in unnecessary extra mileage
  • KNOW my pace, and work on improving it
  • To train sports nutrition during training. It helps !
  • To KNOW what you should do (in terms of performance/sportsnutrition) and WHY you are doing it.
  • AVOID blind following. READ. LEARN. CHANGE. IMPROVE. every aspect of training has a reason why. Not everything applies to everyone.
  • PRACTISE makes perfect. Azmar could have easily done a sub 4 if he had a quicker transition at both T1 and T2. He finished just a minute ahead of me despite his strong run ,and strong bike.
  • BUT in the end, each person race for different reasons. So RESPECT your fellow competitors
  • AND — respect the race director when she’s giving the race briefing ! hush hush to all. whether first timer or not.




NIK FAHUSNAZA- who finished his first Powerman ! Congratulations !!

BAHRI – a hero ! finished his first long distance Powerman with a busted right knee..! he CARRIED ON and walked the second run. Every step was painful, but he did not give up. Ambulance came but kena halau !!

NIK RAIHA – Congratulations ! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the event !

ARIF, FAIRUL,AZMAR,KAM — for their PBs !

KENNIX — for his Powerman debut !! 🙂 you did well Kennix, keep it up aiGHT?

 ADIK FITRI – did the sprint. got a PB as well !


AJAK — don’t give up. You CAN do better than this !

JASON THIANG, RAZANI AND RAHIM — please get well soon ! we need you back on the course !! 🙂

RAHIM (again) — please don’t tell me this is your last Powerman !! 🙂

CHEAH LIE WEI — next year full distance leh ?!

TERYN THAM — looks like I will be joining your age group in 2 years time. haha.. more competitive !

JAMZIE (jamil that’s you!), ZAKI ERIN, ZULHASSAN, KABI– finish ahead of me next year !

ABE from IIU X TEAM — sekalung TAHNIAH diucapkan atas debut Powerman anda yang mantap. Tapi still tak beat timing Powerman yg pertama akak ! huhuhu 🙂 tahun depan sub 4 dalam genggaman.

ADIB JAAFAR, IKHWAN MOKHLIS, ARIF SUKARNO from IIU X TEAM — CONGRATULATIONS GUYS ! You made the team proud. 🙂 focus on quality of performance in order to ‘upgrade’. (Faiz Abu Samah, Huzaifah, Amirul, Nik, Nad, Yaye–bila lagi..?)

SHAHRUDISAH — I did not forget you man. hahah. Tahniah ok ! Tahun depan come back stronger 🙂


FADIL SHUKOR – PB jugak !! tahniah yek !!! 30mins OFF your previous timing tuh !! caiyok !! keep it up ya ! 🙂

STUPE&AILEEN from Team E.A.R.N and Chief Kutu — Tabik spring to both of you for making it to the finish !!







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  1. Well done Julie! Nice analysis too!
    One thing i learnt at this race is:
    1) Wet sarongs(especially after being dowsed with water) are heavy (-ve)(need dri fit ones)
    2) Wet sarongs keep yr quads and knees cool as long as you keep running(+)
    3) Wet sarongs can be a trip hazard, forces you to keep small steps -no cramps and easy on knees!(+)

    Take care have fun and see u in Penang??

    So the late Ngae gives me lessons in experience even after he is gone away.

  2. Good job and congrats MissJ. Am sure you’ll be back for the X edition next year. Great read and useful tips too for improvement, thanks a bunch.

  3. Very nice race report. Pretty much inspiring and lots of tips. Congratulations for the time improvement Julie. I supposed Powerman X edition 2011 is PB?

    1. Hi Diket. Thanks 🙂 I’m happy to share whatever useful for fellow athlete friends 🙂 n happy jugak time better than last year. Tahun lepas mmg easy je. If next year panjang umur, insyaAllah, nak PB tuh. Meaning I’ve to do anything below 3:59..! Hihi. All d best to u too. Penang u pi ka ?

  4. Me no hero la. Its just a decision that I took after weighing the options. I can CHOOSE to QUIT but I did not. Any other person would do what I did. The body asked me to quit but the heart said to go as far as I possibly could. That’s what I did. Alhamdulillah the busted knee survived the 10k. Forget abt the time. Missed the cut off by 13mins. What matter most is to cross the finishing line, with or without people waiting. Not the best of option to choose but believe me, the mind is stronger than the body.
    Looking at it positively, its much easier for me to do PB next year compared to you guys … Hahaha

  5. Bahri u still a hero my fren…. And strong indeed. Congrats…! Tahun depan belasah cukup2. Jgn bagi chance

    Miss J: welldone… Despite having exhausted and hectic week prior to Powerman, u still managed to come out with good timing. 4th placing lagi tu…

  6. Well done Julie!
    No, i did not pace you, but you did pace me.
    Thanks for that. That was the only time i was able to go considerably fast, the bike n 2nd run… hancur!

    Your race report is as usual, awesome!

    1. Hi Nik, care to definethe word pace/pacing ? i pon dah confused..! hihi.. thanksanyways ! 🙂 always happy to be reading comments from fellowbloggers and athletes. next year ada lagi insyaAllah. take care and recover !


      Juliana Ali.

      Now it is established in the sciences that no knowledge is acquired save through the study of its causes and beginnings, if it has had causes and beginnings; nor completed except by knowledge of its accidents and accompanying essentials. -Ibn Sina-

  7. Camne lah u punya transition time laju giler. I thought i dah sqeeze out everthing but still above 2 mins. But super job J!! Keep iyou.

    PS: Great report – couldn’t agree more with u. We are running our own race there. So, wanna do better, train better.

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