Powerman Malaysia 2010 – ALL THE BEST !

Wishing all athletes taking part in Powerman Malaysia this Sunday ALL THE BEST !! I wish I can write longer.. but its past zzzz time already.. tired after a 2 hours drive today.. and another 3/5-4 hours tomorrow to Manjung. Manage a quick sports massage upon arrival in KL tadi.. late dinner…. and early morning drive to race venue in less than 9 hours time (from now).


Special shout out to the IIU X TEAM members taking part in the relay, make us proud  Adib, Ikhwan and Arif !!! Abe, all the best to you too !!

IIU X TEAM members who will be taking part in Powerman. Not in pic; Abdul Hadi @ Abe !


I really miss this bunch !!

If there is something that I can be really proud of...

..it would be this.. IIU X TEAM. A team i created.


Like i said before, sports for all !! You do relay this year, next time do individual. next time around, do Powerman !! 🙂

So i thought that figure on the right most looks familiar ! haha,

Kepada yang tak dapat hadir, tahun depan ada lagi ok.. takpe, ramai yang tolong wakilkan tahun ni 🙂


missjewelz and adik2 from UPNM. heard most of you will not be doing Powerman. Chan, get well soon tau... kasi sembuh elok2 dulu. You'll come back stronger !

Will write more esok insyaAllah..kalau sempat !


yours in sports,


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