Monday morning tune – Reggae

I’ll be listening to this for my journey to Kuala Lipis this morning. 🙂 A classic reggae remix by DJ MichaelVee. Songs in the remix include :

1. Cocoa Tea – 18 and over

2.Half Pint – I’m not a substitute lover

3.Shabba Ranks – Champion Lover

4.Cocoa Tea & Nardo Rankin – Rikers Island

5.Wayne Wonder – Saddest Day

6.Sean Paul – Punkie

7. Mr. Vegas – Everywhere i go..




Powerman Malaysia is just round the corner and I am anything but ready ! Did run-bike-run-bike- run brick yesterday. Wishing all you folks taking part the best. Can’t wait for the Manjung heat. Its so hot I can almost feel it. Mean time, enjoy your Monday and the rest of the week. Take it one day at a time and  be sure to enjoy every second of it. Life is short, so make it worth living. Let’s Powerman this weekend !!!



With one of the lady riders during the recent MAD Charity Ride

The one with butterflies in her tummy,




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    1. thanks Jaja ! 🙂 all the best to you too if you are taking part. cheers and have a nice week ahead !


      I’m doing my bit to tackle Global Warming. Join other members who are making a difference

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