Are you Portugese?

Giant TCR A.K.A Giant Kuning in the House !! πŸ˜› Mine is called Yellow Submarine


TV3 guys wanted a photo with me! (bila lagi ?) Tabah from Scoreboard is on the left most. Sorry photographer was focused on the cyclist in the yellow helmet terpotong Tabah into half.. hihi πŸ˜› FYI, TV3 has a cycling club. not bad eh ?!


Team Building last weekend at Thistle, PD. (PD lagi!). Check out my latest tan !
Sri Utama, class 94 mini reunion cum dinner at Tehran, Ampang ; Norman, Nazmi and missJewelz. First time catching up after...14 years.. apa?? KL kecik?! yes, sampai 14 tahun tak jumpa πŸ˜›
With fellow Pacesetters post run at Taman Gelora, Kuantan


Self-captured. Teluk Cempedak. πŸ™‚ Had a good time listening to the sea..something I've missed ..!


Salam and greetings with all. πŸ™‚ Hope you have taken a look at the photos above. missjewelz have been busy working, travelling and slotting in time to train ! The weather in the east coast is anything but promising. Had to cancel last night’s brick because of the downpour. Anyways, back to the question you saw at the top of this post. During my company’s team building last weekend at Thistle , Port Dickson, one of the project managers asked me ‘ARE YOU PORTUGESE?’ Humm…confused kejap.. (tang mana Portugese tuh ?! must be the new tan coupled with the personality kot?!! haha..)

Some side info before I proceed — I have been asked :- Are you Thai ? [at the start line of a beach run], Are you a Filipino? [at Bukit Jalil swimming pool], Are you Indian ? [while walking and sightseeing st Great Wall], Are you Sabahan ? [during my matriculation]. Are you Portugese ? caught me by surprise ! hahaah.. In case you’re not so much of a history person, in Malaysia there is a Portugese community settled in Melaka. Exactly where , I am not sure. And how they look like?.. must be like me now! Tanned! haha.. No really, rasa honoured ada jugak people trying to guess/know what’s my race! And they can’t figure out which and having to ask me which ! But in the end, I am a human race. However in making friends or when meeting people, ‘race’ as its politically triggered is reserved a seat at the ware house. Doesn’t even pass for my back seat. Β This is, as obvious, common in multi-sports, be it triathlon, duathlon, running etc. We’re all the same. I must say, I am proud to be part of the sports community here in Malaysia. πŸ™‚

Yours truly signing off from the East Coast,


So while you all layan (sorry yek English capok sikit pagi ni..) your morning coffee/nasi lemak/or..pile of work, enjoy this song ok !!! (*reggae jiwang in da house..!) Β I must say its one of the BEST reggae mix I have ever heard.. 15 million hits on YouTube yo !! Kalau boleh angguk2 kepala tuh while playing the song, angguk je lah yekk..hihi.Been looping the song on my lappie and handphone since semalam ! if your office block YouTube, balik rumah nanti view la. πŸ™‚ Have a nice day !!!


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