2010 | So Far

From the adrenaline junkie in me perspective this year has been a much better year than the last. I get to participate in more events this year and get to better my time in some. Also caught the bug for off-trail running taking part in a few adventure challenges. Came back to game slow earlier this year but gradually picked up the pace. That’s what I love most about performance, its subjective despite having objective and real factors underlying, and it is beautiful. So here, the roll down of what I have participated in so far for this year :

  1. 27 March : ENERGIZER NIGHT RUN 2010 (10K) 1hr 7mins pace 6:42
  2. HASH INTERNATIONAL OFF ROAD CHALLENGE 46KM (until WS3. missed last check point by 15mins. Distance covered 40km. Time:11hrs. It was VERY tough)
  3. 8 May : SAS TIOMAN ECO CHALLENGE 25KM 2010 (didn’t mean cut off. leading for Women 25k Novice)
  4. 16 May :NEW BALANCE 15K 2010 – 1 hr 32mins (24/296)  pace 6:09
  5. 30 May  :MALAKOFF 26KM PENANG RUN – 2hrs 30min (8/49) [PB] pace 5:47
  6. 27 June : STANDARD CHARTERED KUALA LUMPUR MARATHON (21km-half marathon)- 2hrs 47min (ITB pain)
  7. 17 July  : SIEMENS 10K 2010 1hr 1min (44/200) pace 6:06
  8. 24 July : MALAKOFF UNIVERSITY DUATHLON SERIES 1 – 1hr 18min (2/12)
  9. 25 July : PORT DICKSON INTERNATIONAL TRIATHLON – 2:59:37 (27/67) [PB]
  10. 31 July : MALAKOFF UNIVERSITY DUATHLON SERIES 2 – 1hr 8min (1/11)
  11. 7  August : MALAKOFF UNIVERSITY DUATHLON SERIES 3 – 53mins 27sec (2/10) [a possible PB for 3k,did a 4 min+ pace]
  12. 26 September : NEWTON RUN (12K) 1:08:36 (7/232) [PB] pace 5:43
  14. 17 October : MIZUNO WAVE RUN 2010 11K – 59mins 2sec (13/562) pace 5:22

Upcoming races :

-Powerman Malaysia

-Penang Bridge International Marathon [will be my first standalone marathon. the only marathon I did was in Ironman Langkawi 2009 with the time of 5:10:03. Could have easily done a sub 4 but had a BAD BAD diarrhea during the run..lost quite a few minutes in the mobile loo lah!!]

Major race which I missed this year :

– New Balance Pacesetters 30k (formally known as Great Eastern Pacesetters 30K)

Major races I am looking into next year, 2011

– NB 30K

– KL Marathon

– an Ironman

– 1-2 1/2 IM distance

– Powerman Malaysia

– a marathon outside Malaysia (TBD)

Crazy and mind bending race(s) I WANT to do (near/far future) [but possible]

– Great Wall Marathon (China)

– an Ultramarathon (my friends have done it.so can you and i!)

– TNF (my friends have done it.so can you and i!)

PBs this year

– Penang Malakoff 26km Run (for a hilly course, that was indeed a 26km PB!)

– Port Dickson Triathlon 2010 (my 1st sub 3)

– Desaru Pengerang International Long Distance Triathlon (shaved 18 mins from previous timing) (next step, aim for a sub 6). my 1/2 marathon time for this race was, however, a bit sucky…but still, a PB yo !! 🙂 🙂

– Mizuno 11k Run (not a PB, but a highlight of where im heading to)- i guess i did push it a bit for the run at Serdang last week ! 53mins at 10k mark, 4 mins away from by 10k PB at Powerman 2 years back!

Best 11k was 54mins at Powerman Malaysia 2008, with a pace of 4:59.. (ok..! humm..i guess i am surprising myself already in knowing that i can if i want to, to go for that pace. of course, it requires training,discipline and determination!!). My 10k split, was around 49mins ! There, I am not fast after all. Still got lotsa things to brush up !


This was how I looked like when I did my 10k(and 11k) PB at Powerman Malaysia 2008. Tak laju pon..49 minit je..


Macam laju, tapi sebenarnye tak laju. Tapi dapat jugak PB untuk 1/2 IM distance. 🙂 thanks Azhar for the support. and Razlan for motivating me to aim for a sub 6 tahun depan. insyaAllah


Thanks Hadi for this lovely pic at Putrajaya. Cantik kan gambar ni ?


Tapi rasanye akak dalam gambar ni boleh tahan cun jugak. Dah potong rambut yang panjang tuh harap2 boleh bertambah aero lah yek.. (but i miss my long hair...help!!!). photo taken masa raya tahun lepas.

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  1. wow, many PBs this year. Excellent effort there, Julie. Congrats. You’re getting stronger and faster …. must train with you one of these days huh, I’m dying to od a sub4 mara. Still a long way to go …

    1. Heyya ..!!! Thanks Ian. i takde plan or proper training to get those achievements. and PB is nothing compared to the enjoyment of being able to compete and cross the finish like.

      Looking forward to seeing you in the next OD !!! 🙂 Go Ian !

      I’m doing my bit to tackle Global Warming. Join other members who are making a difference

  2. Penang Marathon mesti pecut gila!!…see you there…
    but i dont think they have pacer..
    Std Chartered Singapore Marathon?

    1. Hi ijam. Penang ada Pacer. Std chrts singapore maybe ada pacer. Can check at their website. 🙂 takley pecut… dah kena tarik belon kena ikut time.. 🙂 kalau pancit masalah jugak !!
      Sent via 56hoperoad Inc.

  3. HI Julie,

    sometimes I read your blog when I browse through Sofian’s site… it’s fun to read through from time to time.

    – Great Wall Marathon in China is a very tough run, despite the fact that you are running only 7-8km on the wall it’s very, very hilly and partially an off-road run. Expect at least 1 additional hour to a normal city marathon.

    – Singapore standard chartered has pacers.

    Nice pic of you in the blue dress; but indeed long hair does not go well with swim-bike-run.

    Keep it up and all the best

  4. I went browsing around for other info……tiba2 I stumbled upon your blog…dan kebetulan baca your latest write up in Bahasa….wow! can you write!!!! You write very very well lady both in English and Bahasa…kalau dlm marathon language this is 2hr 45mins…..tak payah pakai balloon….untouchable.

    I felt rather embarassed with the quotation as if it comes from a great sage. But then again I even learn something from children/ kids.

    You know your zest for life rubs on others. Reading your blog always boost our spirit. Keep on doing what you are doing!!!

    1. Dear Onn, thank you.. rasanya takdela hebat mana my tulisan tuh..sekadar cebisan-cebisan idea which came that time when i had my digits on the keyboard la. 🙂 but thank you, i really appreciate komen-komen yang membina macam ni. bersemangat sikit nak mengarang. i owe it to my mum for encouraging me to read. 🙂 2:45 !!?! hebat tuh. insyaAllah tahun depan will conquer Penang Bridge Marathon with a better timing. Will see you there ya Onn? Kalau panjang umur ya, insyaAllah.

      Thank you again, thank you.


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